Ranged Weapons for Terminator Sanguinary Priests?

With my Blood Angels, I've been toying with the idea of running a "hammer" unit of five assault terminators + sanguinary priest in terminator armor. However, I've come upon a little trouble. When I first thought about running this unit, I just assumed that the priest would either get a storm bolter to go with the armor like most terminators have, or that he would get to keep his bolt pistol. However, I can't find any evidence in the text that either of these is the case. If I'm reading my codex correctly...

  • To get terminator armor, the sanguinary priest must "replace all wargear." He gets terminator armor, a power sword, and a Chalice of Blood instead.
  • The terminator armor entry doesn't mention anything about it coming standard with a storm bolter.
  • In order to get a storm bolter, the priest must replace his bolt pistol, which is already gone if he has traded in all of his wargear for terminator armor.

Thus, there is no way to get a ranged weapon!

Honestly, game-wise this doesn't bother me at all. This priest will be running with assault terminators, and they don't have ranged weapons either, so he'll fit in just fine. What bothers me is that I can't figure out what to do with the other hand. I have power sword bits... that's no problem. What I don't have is a right arm in terminator armor that isn't holding a weapon of some sort. I'm not a big fan of greenstuff at all, so sculpting a chalice is probably out of the question. I'm tempted to just snip of a weapon and have him run around just clenching his fist, perhaps a raised clenched fist ("Power to the people!").

The best conversions I've seen can be found here, but scanning through the forum, I didn't notice anyone mention another weapon... and I don't have Space Hulk to mine for bits. Any conversion ideas? Bits I can get from other kits? other companies, even?
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