Reaper Miniatures Purchase: Arrival!

I received the miniature that I ordered a few weeks ago in the mail and took some time this morning to look over the model. Overall, I like it. The pose is active, the detail is great, and it is aesthetically appealing in general. However, I do have a few complaints...

Complaint #1: This miniature comes on a nonstandard base. What do I mean by nonstandard? I mean not square or circular. Before any miniature enthusiasts fuss at me, let me explain... I don't care what shape the bases are as long as I can glue it to the top of a standard one and just move on. This one hangs off of the edge of a standard base too much for my taste... so I'll have to work on it some.

Complaint #2: The miniature has an unusually large forearm on one side, which gives it a Popeye look from certain angles (see here). I took some time to whittle that arm down with a hobby knife, but in the process I lost a lot of the muscle detail.

Complaint #3: This is really nit-picky, and perhaps just my personal laziness, but I can't stand when a mold line runs through a finely detailed section of a model. In this case, the offending lines run through the fabric on the shoulders. It is a royal pain to dig those out!

Overall, I'd still give this model a 7 out of 10, and I'm going to enjoy using it if we ever get around to playing D&D again around here. I guess the big question now is... who's going to DM? I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd like to run an old school dungeon crawl, a Destroy All Monsters adventure, if you will... but as much as I would like to, I doubt that I'll have the time.

Here's hoping that Matt will step up and be the DM for a while... and maybe I can use this model as my PC... I always look forward to those rare opportunities for me to experience the player's side of the screen!
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