Space Marine Chunks

Lately, I've been breaking up armies into 500 point chunks in order to lessen the preparation time on game night (more detail here). Today, we're going to look at how I've broken down Matt's Space Marines.

Chunk #1 (490 points)
HQ: Captain (Power Weapon)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)

Notes: Nothing special here... just typical Space Marine stuff from the Assault on Black Reach set.

Chunk #2 (500 points)
Elite: 5 Terminators (Cyclone Missile Launcher x1)
Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader (Multi-Melta, Storm Bolter)

Notes: I would probably run this as the third chunk and take more bodies, but I know how Matt loves the land raider. 

Chunk #3 (500 points)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher)
Elite: 5 Terminators (Assault Cannon, Chainfists x2)
Fast Attack: 5 Assault Marines

Notes: The tactical marines here are not actually independent squads, but additions to the squads in Chunk #1. I'll split each one into combat squads with the sergeant & flamer in one squad and the missile launcher in the other... one a little more aggressive and assault-based and the other an objective holder. Matt, if you're reading this... one of us needs to finish that unit of assault marines or Chunk #3 isn't going to work.

Next time, we'll take a look at Tau chunks!
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