Shield Drone Spam?

I stumbled upon an interesting idea for Tau while I was playing around with Army Builder this weekend... adding lots of drones to your units to protect those important crisis suits. I don't actually have the codex, but my brother's preferred army is Tau so I play against them all the time. I was fiddling around with what I would build if I had the models and I realized that, in Army Builder at least, all three crisis suits in a squad can take drone controllers, and thus add two drones each.

Normally, I aim my heavy weapons at broadsides because they don't have an invulnerable save and I can usually instant kill them and bypass that extra wound. However, if Army Builder is correct and this can be done according to the rules in the codex, adding extra shield drones to that unit of broadsides would completely ruin my day. If this is correct, my little bro could add six wounds and six invulnerable saves to his heavy hitters for just 90 points. Granted, that means he'll be even more out-gunned because those shield drones don't have weapons, but his broadsides will last much longer and be able to shoot more often because I won't be able to kill them quickly. They'll be almost as hard to kill as a unit of thunder hammer terminators!

I need to see his codex soon... I might actually build Tau for myself if this is true... I'm that intrigued...
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