House of Paincakes

I just joined another blog network, and unlike the ones who dropped me earlier this year, I think this one is a much better fit for Outsyder Gaming. I write a lot about wargaming, but I also write about RPGs and occasionally collectible card games or PC games. As I've said earlier (if I haven't said it, I meant to), I prefer my blog networks with a focus but not an iron grip. I really like how the RPGBN allowed me to submit an RSS feed just for my RPG posts. While House of Paincakes didn't do the same, they do list "D20 System" on their Join Us! page, and their main requirement just seems to be that each member site must "pertain to the tabletop wargaming hobby in some capacity." As a somewhat eclectic gamer, that kind of flexibility I can certainly respect.

Thank you, House of Paincakes, for welcoming me on board. It's good to be part of the crew.
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