Knowing When to Quit

I've been "running" an online Rifts game since early 2010, but I let my players know this week that the game probably wouldn't be updated again. It started out as an experiment, running the game on Google Wave so that we'd be playing the game and playing with the cool new website at the same time. Unfortunately, the DM (me) ran out of steam on several occasions and had to take so many breaks that the campaign never really got off its feet.

Truly, the game was on hiatus more often than it was actually running, and I finally decided to stop stringing people along and just be honest. I doubt I'll ever be able to be involved in a successful play-by-post game. Finding the time and focus is tough, and I don't have the self control or the dedication to force myself to make it work. I really enjoy play-by-post games when they're convenient, but they aren't convenient for long enough periods of time for me to keep one going at an acceptable pace.

What it really comes down to is this: running a successful online game is unrealistic for me because my personality flaws and my real-life commitments prevent me from doing so. I need to stick to blogging and playing games face to face. The online gaming thing just isn't for me. I know now that I need to call it quits. I apologize to my players, Matt and Quim, who I feel I've let down by ending the game.
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