Palladium Books Surprise Package Unboxing

Christmas on Black Friday! I received my Palladium Books surprise package in the mail and decided to do an unboxing video. I normally hate those... but I decided that, considering I didn't know exactly what was in the box, I'd give it a go. Here's the result:

I'm new to the whole video thing, so forgive any blunders I may have made in the video. For example, I know that next time I should probably close the blinds on the window, because the light from that direction is a little annoying.

Now, a few things I neglected to mention in the video:
  • I spent $47.11 (including shipping) on the surprise package. I received $100.85 worth of product just retail value. That's an awesome value.
  • All of the books they sent me were signed by multiple members of the Palladium Books staff (Kevin Siembieda, Kathy Simmons, Alex Marciniszyn, and a few others I'm having a hard time making out).
  • I didn't make a long wish list, but I received everything that I put on mine (plus some other stuff). I wouldn't expect this if you choose to order, but it is interesting to note that it does happen.
I've added my signed copy of The Rifter #52 as well as the Men of Magic miniature pack to the Outsyder Gaming Christmas Giveaway. (I'm "secretly" hoping the winner doesn't choose The Rifter #52, though. The Men of Magic miniatures wouldn't be too big of a loss since I have two packs of them.)

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