Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armor Conversion

I finally managed to finish at least putting together my assault terminator squad and the sanguinary priest that runs with them. I had the assault terminators done, but I was unsure about how I'd do the priest because I assumed when I bought the bits that the priest would have a storm bolter. That threw me off a bit and delayed the whole process.

Of all the conversions I've ever done, this is the one I think I'm least proud of... it's basically a terminator sergeant with the storm bolter cut off. It is a kitbash of sorts, with bits from a regular terminator kit as well as bits from the Dark Angels veterans kit, but the end result is still rather bland. I might try my hand at greenstuff and see if I can manage a decent looking blood chalice, but something tells me I'll end up too lazy and just run him as-is. To make him stand out a little better, I'm going to paint this guy in the reverse color scheme as the assault terminators he'll be joining. He'll be primarily red with dark details, whereas the assault terminators will be primarily black with red details... but that's about as unique as he'll get.

All that said, though... as plain and unimpressive as this conversion is, at least it is super-simple. Anyone with a basic box of terminators can throw something like this together pretty quickly. Go-go quick n' easy sanguinary priest!

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