Christmas Giveaway Winner?

For the first time, I attempted to give away some free stuff on Outsyder Gaming... and so far the experience has been a bit of a dud. I announced a winner, and waited three days for a response... then I announced another one, and waited three more days for a response... then I announced a third, and waited again. This time I waited longer, not because I was giving more time to the third "winner," but because at that point I was too tied up in Christmas plans to keep going through the motions. Now that Christmas is over, I want to get back into this giveaway thing and announce another winner. Hopefully I'll get a response this time! :-)

Soooooooo... congratulations, Brian Beverly! Brian, if you're reading this (and/or the Facebook message I'm about to send you), please respond by New Years Day... I'm trying really hard to give away some stuff... help me out, man!

GURPS and Fallout... Twins Separated at Birth?

Twins separated at birth is actually a horrible analogy in this case... it's much more like the baby snatched away from the parent. I've been a long time fan of Fallout... played them all, actually (except for New Vegas, but I'll be correcting that soon). And all this time, I never knew that Fallout was originally based on GURPS rules! It makes perfect sense for me to be in the dark, though. When the original Fallout was in development, I didn't have any clue that it was coming. I didn't even have internet at the time. (How did I survive?!?!) By the time I saw the game, the GURPS rules had been replaced by the SPECIAL system that we've all grown to love (or hate).

I would never have made the connection if I wasn't itching to play Fallout New Vegas and searching for info online. In my search I happened to stumble upon this website, which looks old as dirt (might even have been around when the original Fallout was released) but has some cool Fallout stuff. I happened to run my mouse over the drop-down menus and noticed GURPS. Raising an eyebrow, I gave it a click and discovered this little gem of gaming history. I haven't found much online about the split except for rumors that Steve Jackson backed out because Fallout featured too much violence, but when it comes down to it, my interest is piqued just because of the history between the two games.

Anyway, it's strange how things come together. I used to own a copy of GURPS Supers Adventures. I don't remember why I bought it, actually, because to this day I've never played a GURPS game... maybe I picked it up at a yard sale or something. I did use it as an outline for a Rifts Phase World adventure at one point, and eventually sold it on eBay. Now that I've made the connection between Fallout and GURPS though, I kind of want to give it a shot. If GURPS is really the universal game system that it claims to be, I wonder if it would be a good candidate for my Spectrum Shock campaign (that has been gathering dust for over a year now).

Any of my readers have experience with the system? Care to give me a recommendation? Try it, or no?

Looking for Artists

I'm getting a little tired of searching for images, wondering if I'm staying within "fair use" guidelines, reusing generic clip-art that I've found online, making sub-par images with Hero Machine, etc. I'd really like to partner with some folks who are much better at artwork than I am. Specifically, I'm looking for:

  • Character sketches for NPC spotlights (Rifts stuff for the near future, but I'm sure I'll get back to some fantasy stuff eventually)
  • Somebody with a collection of 40K images on Flickr (or whatever image host) who doesn't mind me using them
I'm not as much concerned with quality or realism as I am with originality. I can't offer any monetary compensation at the moment... however, I will gladly give you credit for your work, including linking to your website or blog and helping drive traffic to you.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, please email me and we'll see if we can work something out. Thanks ahead of time!

Refused Flank Strategy: Judging the Opponent's Forces

Spacecurves just wrote an excellent article on this strategy for BoLS, and I don't want to repeat what has already been stated so well... but I would like to share a story and then elaborate on the strategy some. I'm an Eldar & Blood Angels player, and to be honest, I first picked up similar tactics from Fritz (one example can be found here). I started using it early in my 40K career, and it has rarely failed me, so I keep running it every time it looks like it would be advantageous.

When I first read the article, it made me think of a game I played against Jeremiah, when I really screwed up this strategy. I still ended up winning the game, but it was a very close match when it could have been a near clean sweep. He was playing vanilla marines, with two 10-man tactical squads (ML/flamer), a LR crusader carrying terminators, a captain, and two dreadnoughts. I might be forgetting something in there... it has been a while and I didn't write a battle report on that one. Anyway, he split the tactical squads into combat squads, putting the sergeant and flamer in one squad and the missile launcher in the other. He deployed his land raider in the front center, the two dreadnoughts behind it for cover, the two missile launcher combat squads on the left side of his deployment zone in some elevated terrain, and the two assault oriented combat squads on the right side of his deployment zone (one joined by the captain). It looked something like this:

I can't remember whether I deployed center and then turbo boosted to one side, or if I just deployed on one side, but I do remember this: when I got hit with two missiles the next turn, I realized that I had hit the wrong flank! Focusing on the assault squads first didn't really neutralize his army at all. Had I been thinking clearly, I would have ganged up on the left side of the board, since nothing in those assault oriented squads can shoot past 24" and that's if they don't move. Always always always think things through before you move your models...

With my boneheaded move out in the open for all to see, I want to add a bit to the wisdom that Spacecurves provided. Thus, I present:

Some Refused Flank Guidelines
  • This tactic is best used when you are better in the assault than your opponent.
  • If your opponent is deployed disproportionately, choose the side that will give you the biggest advantage. (refer back to my story above for an example of what not to do)
  • If your opponent is primarily a shooting army, this tactic will be less effective because it will nullify fewer of his units. (Examples: Tau or Imperial Guard)
  • If your opponent is faster than you, this tactic will be much less effective. (Example: Blood Angels trying to refuse a flank vs. wave serpent spam). However, if they turbo boost to counter your strategy, make sure that you hit their skimmers with all that you've got that turn... remember that immobilized results count as wrecked results after a turbo boost.
  • If your opponent is keeping most of his stuff in reserve, you'll be focusing on a small portion of his army anyway so this tactic is either unnecessary or redundant.
  • Beware infiltrators, scout moves, and Eldrad's redeploying ability! They'll mess up your game plan!
Most of this is pretty common sense, but I still think it is worth mentioning. Any additional wisdom my readers would like to add?

My 2010 Christmas Wish List

It's far too late for me to actually get these unless I go out and get them myself, so I'm not taking this too seriously. None of my family members read this blog anyway, I don't think... but the top ten gaming products I'd like to have for Christmas this year are.......

#10: Mirrodin Besieged / Scars of Mirrodin Draft Box
It has been forever since I've played Magic. I have no clue what has come out since Shards of Alara, but I really liked the original Mirrodin block back in 2003 and I would love to get a bunch of the old crew together to draft again.

#9: A Subscription to The Rifter
I never really paid too much attention to The Rifter in the past. I always saw it as Palladium Books' version of Dragon Magazine... and in a way it is, but Dragon Magazine always struck me as sub-par compared to the material in the main D&D books. After reading some of The Rifter #52 (which I received as part of my Christmas Surprise Package), I'm starting to think that the series isn't as shoddy as I thought it would be.

#8: A Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer Kit
Yeah, I know I said that I wasn't going to buy one... I was going to use a Stormraven instead... but have you seen the official Stormraven model? No, thank you... also see #3 below...

#7: Dungeon Tiles Master Sets
I started collecting Dungeon Tiles just late enough that I couldn't get the original set in stores anymore, and I never got around to ordering a set online. The Dungeon Tiles Master Sets include some tiles that I know I already own, but they still seem like a steal for $20. I wouldn't mind one of each set that has been released thus far...

#6: A Bunch of Conversion Bits
I have been intrigued by the idea of non-GW conversion bits for quite some time but haven't taken the chance to purchase anything. I'd particularly like these bionic limbs (to make cyborks), this random bunch of stuff (which includes chalices for my sanguinary priests), and these power klaws (to turn some of my Black Reach nobz into respectable leaders for the boyz).

#5: Dark Eldar Models
I don't foresee actually playing these guys anytime soon, especially since I'm still working on my Blood Angels... but they just look so cool. I don't even care if I get the codex... I just want to paint some of these guys.

#4: Night Below and Dungeon Magazine #60
I mentioned a long time ago how much I loved Dungeon Magazine #60... so much so that my copy is literally falling apart. I'd love to have a copy that's still in decent condition. Furthermore, the adventure from that issue that I loved so much, Shards of the Day, was written as a potential side quest for the 2nd Edition D&D boxed set Night Below, which I've never gotten the chance to do more than skim through. I'd really like to convert these modules and run them as a 4th Edition campaign.

#3: A New Stormraven Sculpt
I mentioned when the pic was accidentally leaked that I wasn't too happy about the looks of the Stormraven... and my opinion hasn't changed. It isn't terrible, but it certainly doesn't grab my attention. It would tickle me pink to see GW release images of a better sculpt for the Stormraven around Christmas time. I would consider it a personal present from GW just to be reassured that there is something better coming along than the model that was in the leaked pic. Sadly, I am fully aware that this Christmas wish is probably the least likely of the bunch to come true.

#2: Fallout New Vegas
Now that I've beaten Fallout 3 twice and played through all of the official downloadable content (except for Operation: Anchorage... I hated the simulator and didn't want to pay to play in it again), it's time to move on to New Vegas. I probably would have even earlier, but Starcraft II and a pretty intense semester of school work kept me away from it. This is one that I'll be purchasing soon if it doesn't come wrapped on the 25th.

#1: My Computer
I had to ship it off to the manufacturer yesterday because it stopped charging. It's still under warranty, so it shouldn't cost me anything... but it still means I have to go several weeks without my gaming laptop... which means for now I have to use this old busted one that won't run Starcraft II and won't run Fallout New Vegas (if somebody gets it for me for Christmas).

Christmas Giveaway Winner!

Alright... I've compiled the results... in all, there were 124 entries after I removed my family members from the list. I don't know if anybody cares about this or not, but this was my method for the drawing:
  1. List all of the entries in a spreadsheet
  2. Grab a random number from here
  3. The person whose number matches is the winner!
And the winner is.............. Da_Sub! I'll be sending Da_Sub a message shortly explaining how to claim his prize. As I mentioned in the giveaway description, he has three days to get back to me. If he doesn't get back to me in time, I'll be selecting a new winner (at random, of course)... so stay tuned just in case!

12/21/10 Midnight Update: The first winner failed to claim his prize within three days, so I grabbed a new random number and consulted the list... congratulations to Tanya for being the new winner of the Outsyder Gaming Christmas Giveaway!

12/24/10 Midnight Update: The first and second winners failed to claim their prizes, so we're going on to number three. Honestly, this is getting a little frustrating... who would have thought that giving away free stuff would be so difficult? Winner #3 is........... seaofstarsrpg! Sending the message soon... same rules apply... three days to respond or I randomly select a new winner...

Blood Angel Honour Guard Options

Excuse the crappy image and the crappy painting...
When I showed up to my last tournament with my Blood Angels, I got more than a few raised eyebrows when people saw that I was running an honour guard unit. Honestly, I might be missing something... but I'm not sure why more people aren't talking about the honour guard as far as points efficiency.

Compared to a regular five man assault squad with a transport, these guys cost 50 points more  (that's 15 in actual cost plus the 35 point dedicated transport discount). For an extra fifty points, you get:

  • Feel No Pain (on a guy who can't be singled out in the assault)
  • Extra attacks (if you opt for chainswords)
  • Better range and more versatility (if you opt for boltguns)
  • Ld 9 regardless of which squad members die
  • Much better wargear options

As far as points go, I count the sanguine novitiate as the equivalent of a sanguinary priest... if you look at it that way, each of the other marines in the squad is only 16.25 points each (about the same as a tactical marine but with a better stat line). By gaining all of this cool stuff, the only thing you lose is scoring status.

Personally, I love my honor guard. I run mine with the following wargear, but this is tailored to my local metagame. If you haven't noticed from my battle reports already, I see swarms of boyz and fire warriors in cover more often than anything else, so this is pretty optimal for me.

   1 Honour Guard @ 245 pts (Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Razorback)
      1 Sanguinary Novitiate
      1 Honour Guard (Flamer x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Flamer x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Flamer x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Hand Flamer x1; Power Sword x1)
      1 Razorback (Twin Linked Assault Cannon)

Having four flamers really helps me roast boyz and troops hiding in cover. This squad doesn't help me at all to deal with mech, but I just don't see much of it. If I did, I would probably run the following:

   1 Honour Guard @ 205 pts (Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Rhino)
      1 Sanguinary Novitiate
      1 Honour Guard (Meltagun x1 or Combi-Melta x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Meltagun x1 or Combi-Melta x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Meltagun x1 or Combi-Melta x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Meltagun x1 or Combi-Melta x1)
      1 Rhino

This squad is actually cheaper, but part of that is running a rhino instead of a razorback. Why a rhino here instead of a razorback? Mainly personal choice and play style, but it boils down to these two things: I'll probably end up running these guys like fire dragons just out of habit, so they need to be cheap, and I've actually found it useful in the past to shoot a meltagun from the hatch of a rhino... I've never felt the need to fire a flamer from the safety of the vehicle.

And then, of course, there's the "if points weren't an issue" dream squad. I think running this would be awesome, a versatile unit that combines the best of both of the last two options and is better in the assault than either one. If only it wasn't so frickin' expensive...

   1 Honour Guard @ 305 pts (Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Honour Guard; Razorback)
      1 Sanguinary Novitiate
      1 Honour Guard (Hand Flamer x1; Infernus Pistol x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Hand Flamer x1; Infernus Pistol x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Hand Flamer x1; Infernus Pistol x1)
      1 Honour Guard (Hand Flamer x1; Infernus Pistol x1)
      1 Razorback (Twin Linked Assault Cannon)

So am I crazy? Is it just personal attachment that makes me think these guys are awesome? If you're running honour guard in your army, how do you equip yours?

Note: On a completely unrelated note, don't forget that the Christmas giveaway ends today whenever I get home from work (should be around 6:30 or so, Eastern time). If you want to enter, you've got until then!

Christmas Giveaway... One Day Left!

There's only one day left to enter the Outsyder Gaming Christmas Giveaway! It won't be long before someone will get to choose his/her own Christmas gift from a large list of items I've collected. Potential prizes/gifts include D&D, Rifts, and Warhammer 40K items.

Tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work, I'll be compiling the entries and then selecting one winner at random... if you're interested in entering, click here to see how!

How Many Supplements to Allow?

I remember back in the day when all we ever used was the Player's Handbook to come up with characters. That lasted me through first edition and for a good portion of my time playing second edition D&D as well. Then supplements started taking over my game. It all started when one of my players, who always played an elf of some sort, picked up a copy of the Complete Book of Elves. It seemed innocent enough, until his character suddenly had a special elf dog companion (I think it was called a cooshie, or something like that). I can't remember too many of the details other than that dog, but some of the options in that book really upset the balance of the campaign, and being in middle school at the time, I didn't have the leadership abilities to pull things back together.

How did I "fix" things? Simple! I started buying supplements that matched the other players' characters. I ended up with The Complete Book of Dwarves, the Fighers' Handbook, Warriors and Priests of the Realms, Drow of the Underdark, and probably a few others that I can't remember off the top of my head. In all honesty, while it did help even the gap, that darned elf still stayed ahead of the rest of the party power-wise for the rest of the campaign. My solution put a band-aid over a gunshot wound. Did it cover the hole? Yes... but it didn't fix the problem.

When 3rd edition hit, we went back to basics again and things were pretty balanced for a while. It was around the time that the influx of supplements hit that I stopped playing D&D for a few years. When I came back, there were tons of options to choose from. We had all grown older, most of us had jobs, and the general rule became something like: "If you spend your money on the book, you can use it in the campaign."

Honestly? I loved having all of the options. Because I was hand-building monsters and NPCs behind the scenes as DM, pulling from all of those books gave me a ton of cool combinations to experiment with. Of course, this was the era of "monster creation should mirror PC creation as much as possible." I was spending way too much time coming up with monster stats and not enough time working on the actual story for the game.

Then 4th edition arrived and we all went back to basics yet again. We played a few short adventures and decided that there actually weren't enough options to keep us interested in the character building aspect of the game. We dove right back into 3rd edition with Spectrum Shock, a D20 fantasy/sci-fi mix in which I encouraged my players to mix and match from any D20 book that meshed decently with D&D 3.5... and they got so caught up in the sci-fi stuff that they didn't use anything other than D20 Modern and D20 Future. So much for "not enough supplements," huh?

Now, having been away from 4th edition D&D (and RPGs altogether, really) for almost a year, I fired up my D&D Insider account and decided to play around a bit with Character Builder. I couldn't believe the number of options... in fact, there were so many that I felt overwhelmed. I'm thinking about the following rule for any new 4th edition D&D campaign I run in the future:
All supplements are legal, but you may use no more than one supplement per tier. Thus, at heroic levels, a player could use the Player's Handbook plus any supplement of his choice. As soon as the character hits 11th level, the player can add a supplement. Another is added when the character reaches the epic tier.
I think this allows for a great deal of flexibility in character creation/development but limits cherry picking from every source imaginable. I like my players having tons of options... I just don't want to be the DM that ends up saying, "You can do what?!?!" in the middle of every other encounter. On the other hand, with Character Builder and the Compendium, I don't know if it's that big of a deal because I won't have to reference actual books if I want to double check things (like I did in 3rd edition).

What do you think, dear readers? How many supplements do you allow your players?

Outsyder Gaming Gets a Blogger Mobile Template (And You Can Too!)

It isn't really all that special of an announcement because anyone using blogger can do the same thing with just a quick change in settings, but there is now a mobile template for! You can check it out by clicking here. Unfortunately, I just tried to see it on my Blackberry and it didn't redirect automatically... but the fast-loading template for mobile phone use is at least there even if Google hasn't worked out all the kinks yet. Even if it takes quite a while for it to work correctly, I won't be losing much from the deal. I just checked my Google Analytics history, and about .001% of my traffic comes through mobile devices... but hey, at least those couple of people won't have to wait as long for my content to load!

For those interested, here's a quick tutorial on getting the cool new mobile template:

  1. Go to (because it isn't an option on the regular page yet)
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab
  3. Click on "Email & Mobile"
  4. Make sure that the bubble beside "Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template" is blue.
  5. Click on "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page.
Then, go grab your mobile phone and see if the mobile template pulls up automatically. It didn't for me. This might be a bug that Google needs to squash. While you're at it, see if my site will pull up on your mobile device. Maybe it's just my Blackberry that's screwing up!

Christmas Giveaway

Only nine more days left to enter the Outsyder Gaming Christmas Giveaway! There are D&D prizes, Rifts prizes, and Warhammer 40K prizes for the winner to choose from! Don't miss out...

Grey Knight Terminators... Two Wounds!?!?

Yes, it's all just rumor and speculation at this point, but if this post at BoLS (via Blood of Kittens, even though the article won't show for me for some reason)  is to be believed, Grey Knights will have some really cool terminators. Assuming they get the same (or similar) upgrades as the other 5th edition marine codices, we're looking at models with 4 as the default stat, a 2+ save, an upgrade that grants a 3+ invulnerable save, two wounds, and Feel No Pain.

These guys will be just as tough as meganobz should be... although they'll probably cost an arm and a leg. My bet? We're looking at 60 points or so per model before upgrades. Where did I get that number? Well, an extra wound and Feel No Pain makes each model much more survivable, but it doesn't increase damage output at all (unless you calculate the rounds of shooting after a normal terminator would have already been killed). So I figure it can't be double the cost of a normal terminator, but 150% doesn't sound too unbalancing.

Something tells me that they won't be as effective as they are cool. Tar pitting will still be a nightmare for these guys, and will be even more effective because each tar pit will tie up even more points worth of terminators. They'll be a heck of a death star unit... but most of the common tactics for dealing with death star units will be just as effective. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the official codex released.

Regardless of whether or not the rumor is true, and regardless of how costly these guys are, I'm already looking forward to using the Grey Knight codex with my Blood Angels army (which was actually made mostly from Dark Angels models).

Tarrak, Aardan Tek Shifter

Tarrak is consumed with curiosity but plagued with naivety. He migrated to Rifts Earth as soon as he came of age to explore and learn more of the wonders of dimensional travel. Several times already, he has been duped into dangerous adventures by greedy individuals who have taken advantage of his youth and curiosity. However, he has managed to survive and even thrive through a combination of luck, magical skill, and the interventions of a newfound faerie folk friend named Tucker.

Tarrak and Tucker are now trying to track down a temporal raider, although their only success has been in finding one of his former apprentices in MercTown, although actually getting a chance to meet her has been quite difficult. For now, they're now doing odd jobs around town until they can get in contact with the temporal wizard.

Name: Tarrack
3rd level Aardan Tek Shifter
Alignment: Anarchist
Attributes of Note: ME 14, PS 17, PE 12
Horror Factor: 10

Armor: 50 MDC (Urban Warrior)
SDC: 55
Hit Points: 31

Attacks per Melee: 4 (Hand to Hand: Basic)
Combat Bonuses: +3 Initiative, +4 parry, +4 dodge, +3 roll with impact, +2 damage (hand to hand only)
Other Bonuses: +10 vs horror factor, +2 vs magic, +3 vs possession, +1 spell strength

Weapons: NG-L5 Laser Rifle (3d6 MD, 10 shots/clip), 

Magic: Calling (8), Call Lightning (15), Charm (12), Compulsion (20), Constrain Being (20), Dimensional Portal (1000), Energy Bolt (5), Energy Field (10), Exorcism (30), Protection Circle: Simple (45), Repel Animals (7), Re-Open Gateway (180), Sense Evil (2), Sense Magic (4), Summon and Control Rodents (70), Summon Shadow Beast (140), Sustain (12), Teleport: Lesser (15), Time Slip (20), Turn Dead (6), and Tongues (10)
PPE: 144

Other Abilities: Dimension Sense, Dimensional Travel, Communication rift, Dimensional Teleport Home, Sense Rifts, Familiar Link, Summoning, Keen Sense of Smell, Summon Lesser Demon
Skills of Note: WP Energy Rifle
Misc. Equipment: TK-Glider

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, World Book 30: D-Bees of North America

Land Raider Spam?

Everybody keeps talking about spamming razorbacks in Blood Angels armies. I understand the reasoning... lots of heavy weapons for minimal cost. There are so many of them no matter how fragile AV11 may be, some of them should survive long enough to do some damage. Target saturation is the idea: give your opponent more to shoot at than he has guns to shoot.

On the flip side, I wonder how a list full of fewer, but much more resilient tanks would be. Enter the land raider spam...

1500 Pts - Blood Angels Roster

HQ: Librarian (1#, 100 pts)
   1 Librarian @ 100 pts ( Power Armour; Blood Lance; Unleash Rage)
      1 Power Armour

Elite: Sanguinary Priest (2#, 100 pts)
   1 Sanguinary Priest @ 100 pts (Sanguinary Priest in Power Armour; Sanguinary Priest in Power Armour)
      1 Sanguinary Priest in Power Armour
      1 Sanguinary Priest in Power Armour

Troops: Assault Squad (6#, 325 pts)
   3 Assault Squad @ 325 pts (Remove Jump Packs; Meltagun; Land Raider Redeemer)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Remove Jump Packs)
      1 Sergeant (Remove Jump Packs; Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
      1 Land Raider Redeemer (Multi-Melta)

Troops: Assault Squad (6#, 325 pts)
   3 Assault Squad @ 325 pts (Remove Jump Packs; Meltagun; Land Raider Redeemer)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Remove Jump Packs)
      1 Sergeant (Remove Jump Packs; Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
      1 Land Raider Redeemer (Multi-Melta)

Troops: Assault Squad (6#, 325 pts)
   3 Assault Squad @ 325 pts (Remove Jump Packs; Meltagun; Land Raider Redeemer)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Remove Jump Packs)
      1 Sergeant (Remove Jump Packs; Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
      1 Land Raider Redeemer (Multi-Melta)

Troops: Assault Squad (6#, 325 pts)
   3 Assault Squad @ 325 pts (Remove Jump Packs; Meltagun; Land Raider Redeemer)
      1 Assault Marine with Meltagun (Remove Jump Packs)
      1 Sergeant (Remove Jump Packs; Bolt Pistol; Close Combat Weapon)
      1 Land Raider Redeemer (Multi-Melta)

Total Roster Cost: 1500

Now honestly, this army is 100% hypothetical for me. There's just no way I'd drop the cash for four land raiders. I kind of want one for my current Blood Angels list and I'm having a hard enough time convincing myself that one is worth it. But there's nothing wrong with hypothetical... it keeps the gears turning, so to speak.

But if I was running this list, I'd go with a column, the front raider hopefully giving cover to the one behind it and so on. I'd push the raiders full speed ahead from the very beginning of the game, using multi-melta shots after moving at cruising speed to pop as many tanks as possible (focusing on the ones with the heaviest weapons first) and making troop transports my second priority.

Obviously, the biggest weakness in this build is against melta weapons and melta bombs. Even AV 14 isn't reliable when facing penetration rolls of 8+2d6. Redeemers have to get really close to deliver those flamer attacks, and that guarantees that the melta weapons will get to roll that extra die. If everybody and their brother wasn't packing melta weapons like crazy, I'd say this list could be a powerhouse. Because melta is so prevalent, I'm leaning towards "probably not a fun playing experience even if it would be fun to build & paint."

That said, just because I don't think it would be any good doesn't mean that it can't be... under the command of a great general, even subpar armies can pull off surprising results. Anybody out there running a list like this? If so, how does it perform?
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