Christmas Giveaway Winner!

Alright... I've compiled the results... in all, there were 124 entries after I removed my family members from the list. I don't know if anybody cares about this or not, but this was my method for the drawing:
  1. List all of the entries in a spreadsheet
  2. Grab a random number from here
  3. The person whose number matches is the winner!
And the winner is.............. Da_Sub! I'll be sending Da_Sub a message shortly explaining how to claim his prize. As I mentioned in the giveaway description, he has three days to get back to me. If he doesn't get back to me in time, I'll be selecting a new winner (at random, of course)... so stay tuned just in case!

12/21/10 Midnight Update: The first winner failed to claim his prize within three days, so I grabbed a new random number and consulted the list... congratulations to Tanya for being the new winner of the Outsyder Gaming Christmas Giveaway!

12/24/10 Midnight Update: The first and second winners failed to claim their prizes, so we're going on to number three. Honestly, this is getting a little frustrating... who would have thought that giving away free stuff would be so difficult? Winner #3 is........... seaofstarsrpg! Sending the message soon... same rules apply... three days to respond or I randomly select a new winner...

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