Christmas Giveaway Winner?

For the first time, I attempted to give away some free stuff on Outsyder Gaming... and so far the experience has been a bit of a dud. I announced a winner, and waited three days for a response... then I announced another one, and waited three more days for a response... then I announced a third, and waited again. This time I waited longer, not because I was giving more time to the third "winner," but because at that point I was too tied up in Christmas plans to keep going through the motions. Now that Christmas is over, I want to get back into this giveaway thing and announce another winner. Hopefully I'll get a response this time! :-)

Soooooooo... congratulations, Brian Beverly! Brian, if you're reading this (and/or the Facebook message I'm about to send you), please respond by New Years Day... I'm trying really hard to give away some stuff... help me out, man!
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