Grey Knight Terminators... Two Wounds!?!?

Yes, it's all just rumor and speculation at this point, but if this post at BoLS (via Blood of Kittens, even though the article won't show for me for some reason)  is to be believed, Grey Knights will have some really cool terminators. Assuming they get the same (or similar) upgrades as the other 5th edition marine codices, we're looking at models with 4 as the default stat, a 2+ save, an upgrade that grants a 3+ invulnerable save, two wounds, and Feel No Pain.

These guys will be just as tough as meganobz should be... although they'll probably cost an arm and a leg. My bet? We're looking at 60 points or so per model before upgrades. Where did I get that number? Well, an extra wound and Feel No Pain makes each model much more survivable, but it doesn't increase damage output at all (unless you calculate the rounds of shooting after a normal terminator would have already been killed). So I figure it can't be double the cost of a normal terminator, but 150% doesn't sound too unbalancing.

Something tells me that they won't be as effective as they are cool. Tar pitting will still be a nightmare for these guys, and will be even more effective because each tar pit will tie up even more points worth of terminators. They'll be a heck of a death star unit... but most of the common tactics for dealing with death star units will be just as effective. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the official codex released.

Regardless of whether or not the rumor is true, and regardless of how costly these guys are, I'm already looking forward to using the Grey Knight codex with my Blood Angels army (which was actually made mostly from Dark Angels models).
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