GURPS and Fallout... Twins Separated at Birth?

Twins separated at birth is actually a horrible analogy in this case... it's much more like the baby snatched away from the parent. I've been a long time fan of Fallout... played them all, actually (except for New Vegas, but I'll be correcting that soon). And all this time, I never knew that Fallout was originally based on GURPS rules! It makes perfect sense for me to be in the dark, though. When the original Fallout was in development, I didn't have any clue that it was coming. I didn't even have internet at the time. (How did I survive?!?!) By the time I saw the game, the GURPS rules had been replaced by the SPECIAL system that we've all grown to love (or hate).

I would never have made the connection if I wasn't itching to play Fallout New Vegas and searching for info online. In my search I happened to stumble upon this website, which looks old as dirt (might even have been around when the original Fallout was released) but has some cool Fallout stuff. I happened to run my mouse over the drop-down menus and noticed GURPS. Raising an eyebrow, I gave it a click and discovered this little gem of gaming history. I haven't found much online about the split except for rumors that Steve Jackson backed out because Fallout featured too much violence, but when it comes down to it, my interest is piqued just because of the history between the two games.

Anyway, it's strange how things come together. I used to own a copy of GURPS Supers Adventures. I don't remember why I bought it, actually, because to this day I've never played a GURPS game... maybe I picked it up at a yard sale or something. I did use it as an outline for a Rifts Phase World adventure at one point, and eventually sold it on eBay. Now that I've made the connection between Fallout and GURPS though, I kind of want to give it a shot. If GURPS is really the universal game system that it claims to be, I wonder if it would be a good candidate for my Spectrum Shock campaign (that has been gathering dust for over a year now).

Any of my readers have experience with the system? Care to give me a recommendation? Try it, or no?
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