My 2010 Christmas Wish List

It's far too late for me to actually get these unless I go out and get them myself, so I'm not taking this too seriously. None of my family members read this blog anyway, I don't think... but the top ten gaming products I'd like to have for Christmas this year are.......

#10: Mirrodin Besieged / Scars of Mirrodin Draft Box
It has been forever since I've played Magic. I have no clue what has come out since Shards of Alara, but I really liked the original Mirrodin block back in 2003 and I would love to get a bunch of the old crew together to draft again.

#9: A Subscription to The Rifter
I never really paid too much attention to The Rifter in the past. I always saw it as Palladium Books' version of Dragon Magazine... and in a way it is, but Dragon Magazine always struck me as sub-par compared to the material in the main D&D books. After reading some of The Rifter #52 (which I received as part of my Christmas Surprise Package), I'm starting to think that the series isn't as shoddy as I thought it would be.

#8: A Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer Kit
Yeah, I know I said that I wasn't going to buy one... I was going to use a Stormraven instead... but have you seen the official Stormraven model? No, thank you... also see #3 below...

#7: Dungeon Tiles Master Sets
I started collecting Dungeon Tiles just late enough that I couldn't get the original set in stores anymore, and I never got around to ordering a set online. The Dungeon Tiles Master Sets include some tiles that I know I already own, but they still seem like a steal for $20. I wouldn't mind one of each set that has been released thus far...

#6: A Bunch of Conversion Bits
I have been intrigued by the idea of non-GW conversion bits for quite some time but haven't taken the chance to purchase anything. I'd particularly like these bionic limbs (to make cyborks), this random bunch of stuff (which includes chalices for my sanguinary priests), and these power klaws (to turn some of my Black Reach nobz into respectable leaders for the boyz).

#5: Dark Eldar Models
I don't foresee actually playing these guys anytime soon, especially since I'm still working on my Blood Angels... but they just look so cool. I don't even care if I get the codex... I just want to paint some of these guys.

#4: Night Below and Dungeon Magazine #60
I mentioned a long time ago how much I loved Dungeon Magazine #60... so much so that my copy is literally falling apart. I'd love to have a copy that's still in decent condition. Furthermore, the adventure from that issue that I loved so much, Shards of the Day, was written as a potential side quest for the 2nd Edition D&D boxed set Night Below, which I've never gotten the chance to do more than skim through. I'd really like to convert these modules and run them as a 4th Edition campaign.

#3: A New Stormraven Sculpt
I mentioned when the pic was accidentally leaked that I wasn't too happy about the looks of the Stormraven... and my opinion hasn't changed. It isn't terrible, but it certainly doesn't grab my attention. It would tickle me pink to see GW release images of a better sculpt for the Stormraven around Christmas time. I would consider it a personal present from GW just to be reassured that there is something better coming along than the model that was in the leaked pic. Sadly, I am fully aware that this Christmas wish is probably the least likely of the bunch to come true.

#2: Fallout New Vegas
Now that I've beaten Fallout 3 twice and played through all of the official downloadable content (except for Operation: Anchorage... I hated the simulator and didn't want to pay to play in it again), it's time to move on to New Vegas. I probably would have even earlier, but Starcraft II and a pretty intense semester of school work kept me away from it. This is one that I'll be purchasing soon if it doesn't come wrapped on the 25th.

#1: My Computer
I had to ship it off to the manufacturer yesterday because it stopped charging. It's still under warranty, so it shouldn't cost me anything... but it still means I have to go several weeks without my gaming laptop... which means for now I have to use this old busted one that won't run Starcraft II and won't run Fallout New Vegas (if somebody gets it for me for Christmas).
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