Tarrak, Aardan Tek Shifter

Tarrak is consumed with curiosity but plagued with naivety. He migrated to Rifts Earth as soon as he came of age to explore and learn more of the wonders of dimensional travel. Several times already, he has been duped into dangerous adventures by greedy individuals who have taken advantage of his youth and curiosity. However, he has managed to survive and even thrive through a combination of luck, magical skill, and the interventions of a newfound faerie folk friend named Tucker.

Tarrak and Tucker are now trying to track down a temporal raider, although their only success has been in finding one of his former apprentices in MercTown, although actually getting a chance to meet her has been quite difficult. For now, they're now doing odd jobs around town until they can get in contact with the temporal wizard.

Name: Tarrack
3rd level Aardan Tek Shifter
Alignment: Anarchist
Attributes of Note: ME 14, PS 17, PE 12
Horror Factor: 10

Armor: 50 MDC (Urban Warrior)
SDC: 55
Hit Points: 31

Attacks per Melee: 4 (Hand to Hand: Basic)
Combat Bonuses: +3 Initiative, +4 parry, +4 dodge, +3 roll with impact, +2 damage (hand to hand only)
Other Bonuses: +10 vs horror factor, +2 vs magic, +3 vs possession, +1 spell strength

Weapons: NG-L5 Laser Rifle (3d6 MD, 10 shots/clip), 

Magic: Calling (8), Call Lightning (15), Charm (12), Compulsion (20), Constrain Being (20), Dimensional Portal (1000), Energy Bolt (5), Energy Field (10), Exorcism (30), Protection Circle: Simple (45), Repel Animals (7), Re-Open Gateway (180), Sense Evil (2), Sense Magic (4), Summon and Control Rodents (70), Summon Shadow Beast (140), Sustain (12), Teleport: Lesser (15), Time Slip (20), Turn Dead (6), and Tongues (10)
PPE: 144

Other Abilities: Dimension Sense, Dimensional Travel, Communication rift, Dimensional Teleport Home, Sense Rifts, Familiar Link, Summoning, Keen Sense of Smell, Summon Lesser Demon
Skills of Note: WP Energy Rifle
Misc. Equipment: TK-Glider

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, World Book 30: D-Bees of North America
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