2011 Gaming Resolutions

Last year, I made three New Years Resolutions related to gaming. This year, I'm going to try to be a little more realistic... but first let's look at how well I did in 2010.
  • Start playing RPGs again. Mostly, I failed. I did get the Rifts Wave Campaign running for short spurts, but it was never consistent. Other than that, I didn't mess with RPGs much at all this year.
  • Play outside the man cave more often. Technically, I succeeded. I played three games of Warhammer 40K at Hobbytown in 2010. Compared to the one game I played in 2009, three doesn't seem to bad. Still, all three games were played in a single day, so I still feel like there is a ton of room for improvement here.
  • Play something competitively. I did, but only once. I really wish there were Warhammer 40K tournaments around here, but I haven't had much luck finding any. I did play in one local tournament, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of anyone running another one soon, and I don't know where else to look.
Overall, I didn't do too hot. This time next year, I'd like to be able to claim that I did a lot better. So this year, I'm doing a combination of two approaches:

  1. Trying harder
  2. Lowering the bar
As you can see, I'm attacking this problem from both angles! Between the two, I should achieve success! Thus, I present to you my two 2011 New Years gaming resolutions:
  • Start game night again. I used to have game night once a week, and the guys would come over to play D&D, Rifts, 40K, or whatever we felt like playing. When I started graduate school, game night was one thing that fell by the wayside. I intend to get it back on track ASAP.
  • Play outside the man cave more often. In 2009, I played one game outside of the man cave. In 2010, I played three. If I can hit four in 2011, I'll at least continue the trend of "more each year." I doubt I'll ever get back to the gaming schedule I kept in college (every Friday evening and/or Saturday morning at the FLGS), but I don't want to get stuck in the "I never get to play anything anymore" rut.
We'll see how all of this shapes up over the coming year... hopefully I'll feel better about these in 365 days.

Happy New Years, everyone!
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