Unassembled Blood Angels Issue

I have six unassembled Blood Angels, and I can't quite decide what to do with them. Because I'm using Dark Angels veteran squads for all of my Blood Angels, I have plenty of bits to work with, so I'm not too limited as far as what unit they represent.

Of these six armless marines, one will get a meltagun and be set aside just in case I want my two squads of seven assault marines to be three squads of five. However, the other five I have no idea what to do with. Originally, they were supposed to be the second half of a tactical squad, but the more I play my Blood Angels, the less I like tactical marines. They just don't fit my style, and they feel like a waste of points because I'm probably not using them efficiently enough. I'll explain a few of the options I've considered, and then I'd love for my readers to give me some feedback on what might be my best choice.

Devastator Marines
I already have a squad of tactical marines that I don't want to use anymore. Making a 10 man devastator squad would allow me to keep using the models I already have, plus add some heavy weapons to my army. These would be missile launcher devastators for two reasons: I like the versatility, and I already have the bits.

Honour Guard
I love my honour guard. Getting the discount sanguinary priest and all of the wargear options is a steal as far as I'm concerned. However, I'm currently only running one HQ, so if I add more honour guard, I'll have to buy another HQ. Still, another librarian would be fun. The biggest drawback here is that this option doesn't allow me to incorporate the five tactical marines that I already own... I'll still be stuck with them as tactical marines.

Sternguard Veteran Squad
I've never used these guys before, but I like the flexibility they offer with their special ammunition and the ability to take combi-meltas and combi-flamers. My fear with these guys is that I'll wind up feeling the same way about them that I do with my tactical marines... they just don't suit my play style. I really like the assault.

Why Not an Assault Squad/Vanguard Veteran Squad?
I'm just not going to use these guys. I know what you're thinking: You just said that you really like the assault, yet you're ruling out your assault options?! My response probably isn't satisfactory, but it's my way of thinking so I'm running with it. All of my assault marines (except the ones with meltaguns) use models with the "running" pose. I don't want to break that trend, so I don't want these five marines to be an assault-based squad.

So with that said... how about a nudge in the right direction? And please feel free to elaborate on your vote in the comments below. Thanks ahead of time!

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