2nd HobbyTown Tournament, My Results

The tournament was a lot of fun, despite being only 750 points and having a low turnout. Only five people showed for this one, although I think a sixth person ended up entering late. Unfortunately, I'm writing this battle report several weeks after the tournament, so I'm going through my sparse notes and hoping my memory serves me well for the rest. Because of the time gap, this is a little less detailed than I'd like... but life gets in the way sometimes.

This particular tournament will always be memorable for me for several reasons:
  1. It's the first time that I haven't posted a losing record.
  2. It's the first time somebody made the connection between me and my blog.
Game One: Jalil, Space Marines, Three Objectives
This game was a lot of fun, although a little frustrating. We spent the majority of the game either missing one another or rolling shaken/stunned results. In this game, spirit stones would have helped me significantly, but the nerf ammo (as Jamil put it) still would have kept me from shooting.
Objectives are set, and my opponent is about to deploy.
I dumped my fire dragons to kill the dreadnought, then lost their wave serpent and left them out in the open. It didn't take long for them to get shot to pieces.
An assault near the end of the game...
I thought the game was going to end in a draw. Objectives were contested, and neither of us controlled one. However, in his last turn, Jamil moved one of his tactical squads (in the razorback) from one objective (which I was contesting) to another (where I had no units). In the end, he won, one objective to none.

Overall, I had a lot of fun in this match even though I lost. I made quite a few mistakes. The first (and perhaps the biggest) mistake was focusing far too much attention on the dreadnought. The speeder was much more threatening and would have gone down easier, but I ignored it for far too long. I also should have realized that his razorback could reach the other objective on that last turn, but after he shot my army to pieces, I don't think I had the units to contest all three anyway.

Game Two: Jesse, Deathwing Dark Angels, Kill Points
This game was fun for me, but probably not my opponent. With a foot slogging force of assault focused terminators, it wasn't too tough for me to hop around the board and use my low AP shots to kill off his terminators one by one. I got greedy, though, and (like an idiot) tank shocked a unit, which set me back two kill points as he promptly called for a death or glory, wrecked a wave serpent, and then slaughtered the dire avengers inside. Had it not been for this mistake, I would probably have won decisively... instead, we had to resort to victory points for tiebreakers. Although the kill points were even (2-2), I had killed quite a few of those terminators, while he had only destroyed around 200 points worth of avengers and transport.
Initial deployment

Deep striking unit enters, but can't assault. I moved flat out the next turn to get out of assault range.

Running away to shoot another day! Note that the most irritating thing about this table was that those forest bases were actually treated like forests, except that the trees weren't there. I was constantly forgetting that there was even terrain there! "Cover save?!?! From wha... oh yeah... the invisible trees... nevermind..." Honestly, I'm still not 100% sure why the trees weren't kept with the forest bases. If you look through my pics carefully, you can see one of the detached trees as a random terrain piece on another board.
The punishment for my greed... a downed serpent and a squad of doomed avengers. They did manage to do some damage in the shooting phase before terminators gobbled them up on my opponent's turn.

End Game... just a hair shy of an assault that might have won him another kill point.
I actually felt a little guilty after this game. Even though it turned out to be close and I won by tiebreaker, I had what could be considered the perfect foil for his army: very mobile transports and lots of AP1/AP2 shots. Jesse was a great sport, but I did not envy his position... moving and running each turn in hopes that I'd make a mistake on which he could capitalize. I have a great deal of respect for Jesse for doing just that: doing the best he could and capitalizing on my mistake. Many players finding themselves at such a disadvantage would have mentally checked out of the game (or quit altogether).

Game Three: Will, Tyranids, Kill Points
I was really worried coming into this game, as I've never played against Tyranids before and I really didn't have any clue what each unit was capable of. It turned out not to be a huge issue, as runes of warding and lots of mobility kept most of his threats from touching me. I couldn't believe how his dice were rolling... If I didn't know better, I'd say he was rolling psychic tests with dice he made to cheat on D&D ability scores. Almost every single turn, he was rolling something higher than 12 and suffering perils of the warp.
Sometime during turn two (if I remember correctly)... I hadn't moved a whole lot, the swarm was advancing, and I was shooting as much as I could into it each turn before the inevitable flat-out "RUN AWAY!" moves.

I took a risk here and dumped a squad of avengers, thinking that they would shoot that oncoming squad to pieces. They failed miserably. However, I did get some lucky rolls in the assault, and the two groups were still locked in close combat by the end of the game.
By the end of the game, it was clear that my opponent was frustrated. His dice had turned against him and his army was having trouble keeping up with fast skimmers. This one turned out a victory for the Eldar.

Game Four: Jalil Rematch, Two Objectives
In the end, I ended up in the top four and I had played each of the others already... so we rolled off and played random opponents. And who did I play? The only one who had beaten me already! UGH!

I was determined that this game would be better than the last. By "better" I mean that: I'll either win, or defeat will come swiftly. To do this, I played much more aggressively than I did in the first game. I considered playing much less aggressively and just going for the late game objective grabs, but that idea ran completely opposite of my "swift defeat" plan B.

As it turned out, playing aggressively didn't play out so well...
Ugh... THIS table again... at least one set of "trees" was replaced with a set of trees that actually blocked LOS.
Played this game a lot less conservatively... dropping the dragons and taking long shots at that rhino was one example of my loose and more aggressive play.
By the end of the game, I had almost nothing left and I hadn't killed enough to make myself feel better. I did almost kill one squad of marines, but the one marine I couldn't kill passed his leadership check and promptly jumped back into a transport to make it scoring again.

In hindsight, I think I need more practice against well-rounded lists. Spending so much of my time playing against orks and tau, I tend to overemphasize either shooting or assault and perform well. Playing against Jamil's marines, I found myself constantly second guessing my tactics because I couldn't out-shoot him or out-assault him. This is where the experience comes into play with Eldar... they can be amazing, but they don't leave much room for error, and playing against tactics that I haven't met before led me into some dumb tactical decisions.

I had a ton of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next tournament. While I was there, I learned about several other places to play that are at least reasonably close. Hopefully I'll find the time to check them out and get more competitive play in. 
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