Building the Perfect Seer Council... A Nitpick

On various forums and blogs, I often see people trying to figure out the best configuration for a seer council. I can't claim to be an expert, but I do know this:

Taking a warlock with both destructor and a singing spear is not optimal. Put your spears on warlocks that don't have destructor.

Against AV 12+ it doesn't make a difference. Destructor isn't going to hit, so the spears are the only attacks that matter. Against AV 10 or 11, destructor can do some damage. Having destructor and singing spear on the same warlock is just a waste of a chance to glance (or even penetrate vs. AV 10). Those Str 9 spears are probably going to do the job without the need for the destructor hits, but why ignore potential damage when all it costs you is a little foresight when you're building your army?

Note: This nitpick is pointless if all of your warlocks have both, but I don't need to point out why that isn't optimal.
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