Drop Pods Should BE Weapons

One of my favorite parts of playing Dawn of War II was seeing orks get squished by drop pods, but that scenario isn't even a possibility in a real game of 40K. It's a shame, really. That big huge chunk of metal hurtling down from the sky should be able to do something other than change course to avoid smashing bad guys. Excuse me, I meant avoid a mishap... but really? Wouldn't it be cool to squish something when you land?!?!

I'm sure someone else has attempted to come up with rules to simulate this, but I'm going to give it a shot myself because a few quick Google searches didn't give me anything and I don't feel like looking any harder.

Drop Pod Attack (25 point upgrade)
When the drop pod enters play, it must choose an enemy model as its target. Roll scatter dice as usual.
  • If the drop pod would be placed on top of a non-vehicle unit, the unit suffers 2d6 wounds and is treated as if it was tank shocked. Death or glory cannot be attempted against this type of tank shock.
  • If the drop pod would be placed on top of an enemy vehicle, that vehicle suffers a S10/AP1 hit. If the vehicle is destroyed or explodes, remove the vehicle from the board and replace it with the drop pod. If the vehicle survives, place the drop pod in base to base contact with vehicle.
Is this too over the top for a house rule? Balanced/unbalanced? What do you think?
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