HobbyTown Tournament Pregame

The tournament starts in about an hour, and I'm ready to go. This time, I'm taking an army that I know well rather than an army that I assembled the week before and slapped some paint on the night before, like I did last time. This time, I'm fielding my Eldar, and I'm hoping to post better results than the last tournament. My list today consists of:

750 Pts - Eldar Roster

HQ: Farseer (1#, 90 pts)
   1 Farseer, 90 pts ( Guide ; Runes of Warding)

Troops: Dire Avengers (5#, 60 pts)
   5 Dire Avengers, 60 pts

Troops: Dire Avengers (11#, 235 pts)
   10 Dire Avengers, 235 pts
      1 Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Lasers)

Elite: Fire Dragons (6#, 195 pts)
   5 Fire Dragons, 195 pts
      1 Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Lasers)

Heavy Support: Falcon (1#, 170 pts)
   1 Falcon, 170 pts (Holo-Field; Missile Launcher)

At such small point totals, I'm running without my trusty seer council. And I'm also running without my guardian defenders. Both are pretty good at what they do, but are a little pricey. By adding them, I feel like I'm compromising too much at 750 points. We'll see by the end of the day whether I'll end up wishing I had them.

For the most part, my Farseer will be deployed with the smaller group of Dire Avengers in the Falcon. However, I'm thinking I might find some excuses to deploy him with other units. Against hordes, I might deploy him with the bigger group of avengers to make sure more shuriken catapult shots hit... and yes, I know I'd be better with a doom-seer for horde thinning, but it's just 750 points, ya know?! If I see a land raider across the table... or a monolith... or something else suitably difficult to kill, I might deploy him with the Fire Dragons. I don't know... there's some flexibility there that I just started considering last night.

I still haven't heard a definitive answer on whether or not we'll be able to use reserves. They weren't explicitly forbidden last tournament, but we were instructed to "deploy everything simultaneously," and I didn't want to rock the boat too much. I'm going to make a point of asking this time, though, as I got murdered by an Imperial Guard list last time and I would really like to deny a round or two of shooting to that kind of list.

Like last time, I'll be taking notes and pictures, and posting my results here when all is said and done. Let's hope I'm not ashamed of the results I'll be posting sometime this coming week!
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