New Storm Guardians

A while back, I ordered a bunch of bits to make a few new sets of storm guardians and I'm just now getting around to assembling them. I really like them (despite their lack of popularity on internet forums and blogs), and as soon as I saw the new Dark Eldar models I wanted to incorporate some of their new bits into my Eldar army. I think this particular kitbash turned out quite well. It was a little difficult because the arms don't quite match the shoulders and it took some effort to position them the way I wanted, but I like the look. They aren't even base coated yet, but here's a sample:

The fusion guns I'll still probably do the same way I did last time unless I come up with a better idea soon, but I like the look of the Guardian/Wych kitbash a whole lot better than the Guardian/Empire Troops kitbash that I did last time.
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