Planet Generator at The Rancor Pit

If you're looking for a simple but effective way of generating random planets, this cool little web based utility will give you some cool information. It generates the planet's name, function, government, type, terrain, gravity, atmosphere, length of day, length of year, hydrosphere, temperature, population, starport, and tech level.

Originally intended for use with the D6 based Star Wars RPG, it would be useful for a Phase World campaign, d20 Future, or any other science fiction RPG that emphasizes space travel. It could even be used to help with writing Warhammer 40K fluff.

The Rancor Pit also has quite a few other resources for the Star Wars RPG, including character sheets, ship logs, a dice roller, a pretty active forum, and a ton of other stuff. If you're into Star Wars or just looking for resources for your science fiction campaign, you should give it a look.
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