Back to My Multigenre Setting... D20 Open Game Content Considerations

Perhaps it was getting into d20 Modern so late in the game. Perhaps it was never taking seriously the idea that I would publish legitimate gaming content. Either way, I was woefully unaware that so much of the d20 Modern game was published as open gaming content. Every time I thought about writing a supplement or a campaign setting, I assumed that the main D20 Modern book was open gaming content but that D20 Future and Urban Arcana were not. I was wrong.

Palladium Books: Catching Up on Technology

According to this press release, Kevin Siembieda is pushing his company in a direction that will start taking advantage of online trends such as social media. This is great news for Palladium fans, as we'll be better able to stay in touch with the company and other fans. Among the goals, Kevin lists:

Wraithseer Army List

I've been doing some thinking about the wraithseer and how I might build an army around him. Unfortunately, I'm a little conflicted. I want to build an army around this guy, but it would be sooooo expensive to start that I doubt it will ever happen (especially considering my current financial situation). However, there's never anything wrong with a little list building exercise. Let's shoot for 1500 points since that's the most my group usually plays (barring team games) and see what happens.

Lessons from Randy Maxwell #4: Monsters & Mistaken Identity

It has been quite some time since I updated this series, but I'll be finishing it up over the next few weeks. I'm determined that this series will not fall into the "things left unfinished" pile that I've accumulated over the years of running this site. This post is part of a series about what I learned from my first issue of Dungeon Magazine. For the whole series, click here.

Two encounters in the Shards of the Day adventure really stuck out to me at the time as unique: the spore zombie encounter that almost tricks PCs into attacking potential allies and the "eye monster" encounter. Looking back now, I realize that the same or similar tricks have been used numerous times by other authors, but at the time I was amazed.

Wraithseer: New Eldar HQ from Forgeworld

I stopped running wraithlords quite some time ago, but this guy might be enough to make me give them another shot. Since I play against Tau quite often and those Str10 guns just eat my monsters alive, they might still be more survivable than my AV12 skimmers.

Eldar vs. Tau... Just a Pic Post

This was supposed to be practice for the tournament on 2/5/2011, but I ended up changing my list between this game and the tournament. I actually took notes on the battle with every intention of writing a battle report... but I have since lost them. I did happen to stumble upon the pics, though, and I figured I'd share even if there isn't much narration to go along with them.

My Return to Friday Night Magic

Although I've played a few casual games, I hadn't attended a Magic tournament since April of 2009. But for some reason, I got the itch a few weeks ago and decided to scratch it. I was staying in town on a Friday night, which is fairly unusual for me, and I got the urge to play... so I gave the FLGS a call to see what the night's format would be and got lucky. It was draft night, Scars of Mirrodin and Mirrodin Besieged. It would be my first tournament in two years...

Organizing the Man Cave

Before last weekend, I had Warhammer 40K stuff everywhere in the man cave. RPG stuff was on the bookshelves and Magic: The Gathering cards were split between a trunk full of card boxes and some binders on a shelf. But 40K was everywhere. I decided to do something about it...

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