Eldar vs. Tau... Just a Pic Post

This was supposed to be practice for the tournament on 2/5/2011, but I ended up changing my list between this game and the tournament. I actually took notes on the battle with every intention of writing a battle report... but I have since lost them. I did happen to stumble upon the pics, though, and I figured I'd share even if there isn't much narration to go along with them.

I do remember a few key points about the battle that I'll share, but it isn't much.

  • Seer council proved just as durable as ever, but ate up a ton of points... too many for 750.
  • I felt severely outnumbered pretty much the whole game.
  • Storm guardians aren't bad in close combat with Tau... but they suck if their wave serpent goes down. Fire Warriors shoot at S5/AP5, which means they eat T3/Sv5+ guys for breakfast.
  • Eric's split gun line worked quite well for him.
  • I lost pretty badly.

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