Organizing the Man Cave

Before last weekend, I had Warhammer 40K stuff everywhere in the man cave. RPG stuff was on the bookshelves and Magic: The Gathering cards were split between a trunk full of card boxes and some binders on a shelf. But 40K was everywhere. I decided to do something about it...

So off I went to the local Target, and picked up a bunch of these:

I then started organizing all of the 40K models in the man cave, and these are the results:
My Blood Angels, my Eldar, and Eric's Tau
Random marine bits, random Eldar bits, and random Tau Bits
Matt's space marines (unknown chapter), Jeremiah's Orks, and an unused drawer.
The man cave still isn't the cleanest place in the house, but there is at least a little more walking room... and less chance of breaking someone's pricey plastic soldiers.
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