Wraithseer Army List

I've been doing some thinking about the wraithseer and how I might build an army around him. Unfortunately, I'm a little conflicted. I want to build an army around this guy, but it would be sooooo expensive to start that I doubt it will ever happen (especially considering my current financial situation). However, there's never anything wrong with a little list building exercise. Let's shoot for 1500 points since that's the most my group usually plays (barring team games) and see what happens.

Since this is essentially a themed list, we'll want as many wraith-things as possible: the wraithseer as an HQ, the full complement of wraithlords, and as many wraithguard as possible.

First of all, we need to run the wraithseer, since the list is based on his model. If he's in the game, there are two more units that must be included in order to fulfill his requirements: a unit of wraithguard and another HQ. The biggest question at this point is whether or not to include a full unit of wraithguard to make them troops or to stick with a smaller number to save on points and to keep the option of a wave serpent available. I don't know yet, so I'm just going to come back to this.

What I'm counting on most with a wraithseer is his ability to draw attention away from regular wraithlords, and since we're on theme, why not run as many big wraiths as possible? Three regular wraithlords plus the wraithseer seems like it would be, if not effective, at least scary to most opponents.

Starting out, I want this:

HQ: Wraithseer w/ Eldar Missile Launcher (210)
HQ: Farseer w/ Fortune, Runes of Warding, & Singing Spear (103)

Troops: 10x Wraithguard, Warlock w/ Destructor & Spiritseer (391)
Troops: 10x Wraithguard, Warlock w/ Destructor & Spiritseer (391)

Heavy: Wraithlord w/ 2x Flamer, Eldar Missile Launcher, & Scatter Laser (135)
Heavy: Wraithlord w/ 2x Flamer, Eldar Missile Launcher, & Scatter Laser (135)
Heavy: Wraithlord w/ 2x Flamer, Eldar Missile Launcher, & Scatter Laser (135)

As usual, I feel like I would be seriously out-gunned with this list. Sure, my guys are tough as nails... but I have very little "true" anti-tank, very little mobility, and most of my weapons only have 12" range. What might be worse is that my troops cost about as much as some of the seer councils I've run in the past, and I always complain that I feel like I've got all my eggs in one basket with those.

What's the absolute worst part about this kind of list, though? The price tag: 

It's not that the price tag is that outrageous for a 40K army... it's that the price tag is so high for only 28 models! I just don't see myself ever giving up this kind of cash for so few figures... although I do wish I had that kind of cash to throw into the hobby...
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