Wraithseer: New Eldar HQ from Forgeworld

I stopped running wraithlords quite some time ago, but this guy might be enough to make me give them another shot. Since I play against Tau quite often and those Str10 guns just eat my monsters alive, they might still be more survivable than my AV12 skimmers.

The Good
  • Awesome model...
  • He can take a D-Cannon, even though it seems outrageously priced to me.
  • It allows more wraithlord models on the board, which is always cool.
  • It gives Eldar more psychic powers, which is something they need (even though the wraithseer's powers are less than spectacular).
  • The price isn't as ridiculous as I would expect from Forgeworld, which is a definite plus.
The Bad
  • It requires you to take a unit of wraithguard and another HQ. That's 350 or so points of your list that are pretty much predetermined if you're taking this model, and that's if you minimize those units.
  • None of the new powers are that exciting to me...
Overall, I think this is worth the money. I'll definitely consider adding one of these to the collection!

Rules can be found here.
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