Major Store Update... 1st Edition D&D, Heroclix, D&D Miniatures, Dungeon Tiles, and More!

I'm in the process of a major Outsyder Gaming Store overhaul, and I'm adding tons of items. Sure, most of it is just stuff that I have had sitting in the man cave for years... but that doesn't mean this stuff isn't cool. So far I've added Magic: The Gathering cards, D20 Modern books, D&D 3.5 books, Dungeon Tiles, D&D Miniatures, Heroclix, Mage Knight, Palladium Books books (doesn't that sound stupid?), 1st edition AD&D stuff, and... and... and...

Playing Magic: The Gathering Again...

I've officially gotten hooked again. It has been two years since I've played anything more than a draft competitively, but recent events have conspired to get me back into the swing of things. Yesterday, I spent part of my afternoon playing in a standard tournament with no deck of my own and making some trades that I hope will push me toward being competitive again.

Using Non-GW Miniatures

I haven't purchased anything for 40K since July of 2010, when I dropped over $200 on models for my Blood Angels. I also don't intend to spend any more until I manage to paint the models I currently own. Put those two facts together, and you should see why the recent price increase doesn't really affect me. However, I've been following the recent commentary from other bloggers, and something hit me.

Weirdboy WIP

I like the weirdboy... I don't care who says they're unreliable. They're fun, they're fluffy, and they can be quite game changing when you're flexible enough to use them to their greatest effect. In fact, this the only model in my (ahem... Jeremiah's...) ork army that didn't come out of Assault on Black Reach. That should change sometime in the future as we add painboyz to the nob squads, but for now this is it. I spent some time a while back getting this guy started, and I still haven't finished him. In fact, he's accumulated a few dings since I started that I'll need to touch up... but I'm hoping to get this guy finished in the near future.

The New Palladium Books Website

I've been grumbling about Palladium's crappy website for ages, and they recently announced that they would be updating it. As a huge Rifts fan (despite their crappy website and outdated rules), I have been eagerly awaiting the new site. Unfortunately, the date they claimed the update would occur came and passed without said update. Then it was rescheduled, and it still didn't happen when they said it would. I was checking the site every day to see the revision... but eventually, I gave up.

Today, though, I happened to think about it again and visited... and found this:

Click the image to visit the site.
No more 90's era website for Palladium Books... WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Being Picky About Gamer Friends

Want this shirt? Buy it here.
I forgot all about my account at Pen & Paper Games until I happened to see an email notice that a new gamer just signed up on the site in my area. As soon as I remembered, I went online to see if anyone had left me more messages about my biography, which some folks viewing my profile seemed to find amusing when I first signed up. This is part of my profile:
I love the strategic element of gaming and the creative outlet that RPGs provide. I am a Christian. I enjoy sports (especially basketball) more than the average Joe. I bathe daily, brush my teeth daily, and wear deodorant. I enjoy having conversations that don't revolve around games.

Zakninid, Drow Cleric/Rogue of Vhaeraun

Last Thursday, we started a new 4E campaign. It was a bit of the "thrown together at the last minute" sort, with the DM not realizing he would DM until the day of, two of us having first level characters, one of us having no character at all, and our DM (wanting to run something with which he was familiar because of the late notice) expecting 5th level characters. Needless to say, preparation was a little hectic. However, this character (or at least the concept) is one that I've had brewing in the back of my mind since 2008 when I mentioned in this post that I disagreed with Vhaeraun getting killed off in the Forgotten Realms.

Forge World Eldar Corsairs

This post on BoLS caught my eye tonight. Eldar are getting new weapons from Forge World, and they're the heavy variety for infantry models. Several options immediately sprung to my mind when I saw this:
  • Fusion guns and flamers? Sounds perfect for storm guardians...
  • Shuriken cannons and missile launchers? Sounds perfect for guardian defenders if you don't like that extra weapon hover-thing.
Unfortunately, this kit is too expensive for my tastes. It's really cool, but you just get four guns, four heads, and four jump packs. Sorry Forge World, but as cool as these are, I'll stick to the big stuff when I purchase your models.

The Dugout: (Relatively) New Game/Card Shop in Hickory, NC

I happened to hear about a new gaming store in the area yesterday, so this afternoon I went to check it out. The store is called The Dugout, and its focus is on cards: sports cards and collectible card games.

The location is great. It's convenient because it is right beside the mall, in the main shopping area of Hickory. The only bad part about the location is that the address isn't completely in sync with Google Maps... type in the store's address and you'll find yourself in the next shopping center over. For reference, I've embedded the street view from Google Maps below. The Dugout doesn't even show up in the picture yet, as Google probably hasn't sent one of their vans through the area since the store opened, but this is the correct place nonetheless:
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