Major Store Update... 1st Edition D&D, Heroclix, D&D Miniatures, Dungeon Tiles, and More!

I'm in the process of a major Outsyder Gaming Store overhaul, and I'm adding tons of items. Sure, most of it is just stuff that I have had sitting in the man cave for years... but that doesn't mean this stuff isn't cool. So far I've added Magic: The Gathering cards, D20 Modern books, D&D 3.5 books, Dungeon Tiles, D&D Miniatures, Heroclix, Mage Knight, Palladium Books books (doesn't that sound stupid?), 1st edition AD&D stuff, and... and... and...
Well, I can't think of anything else... but I've added so much over the last 24 hours that I'm sure I've forgotten to mention something.

Of the items that just hit the store, my favorite is probably my old copy of The Assassin's Knot. It's one of the first published adventures I ever ran, and it will always hold a little nostalgia for me.

I hope you'll stop by, and maybe find something that will actually see use in your game room... it's such a shame all of this has been gathering dust in mine! And I hope you'll stop back in from time to time, because I intend to keep adding more and more over the coming weeks. To start getting updates whenever the store gets restocked, sign up for the newsletter below. Don't worry... I won't spam your inbox. The newsletter only goes out on special occasions.

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