Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing Magic: The Gathering Again...

I've officially gotten hooked again. It has been two years since I've played anything more than a draft competitively, but recent events have conspired to get me back into the swing of things. Yesterday, I spent part of my afternoon playing in a standard tournament with no deck of my own and making some trades that I hope will push me toward being competitive again.

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Overall, I did fairly well. People thought I was crazy for using Magic Traders prices rather than those of starcitygames or trollandtoad, but I don't really care in the end. It's all relative. I just prefer to stick with data that is gathered from actual sales (on eBay) than an arbitrary number that a store claims a given card is worth. But that's an argument best saved for its own post. Back on topic... I intend to get my hands on Stoneforge Mystics soon, so those one-of equipment cards will be useful. The only thing I really wish I had held on to is the Sylvan Library, but I can do without. In most cases, I traded for cards that are good in standard and are also playable in Legacy, which is where I think I'll have the most fun. 

I also played several games in the tournament with the store deck, which was actually a fairly decent white weenie deck built with a bunch of ally cards that really complimented one another. Props to Tim at The Dugout for keeping a decent store deck around for guys like me who wouldn't be able to play otherwise. I managed to win my first round, but lost the second 1-2. By this point, I was confident that the deck wasn't my play style and I wasn't feeling too well, so I dropped from the tournament, secured a few more quick trades, and went home.

There are big things coming in my Magic playing future... and that means more things to write about. Soon I'll be sharing deck lists and tournament reports for Magic: The Gathering in addition to my usual Warhammer 40K and RPG posts. It sure feels good to be back in the hobby...

Side Note: This is a cool little trick if you ever plan to blog about MtG...
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