Commander (EDH) Tournament in Hickory, NC

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but I've gotten busy and haven't done it. Fortunately, the event isn't until  June 19th, so there is still time to get prepared. This comes from the newsletter of The Dugout:
Choose your commander to decide what blend of carnage to unleash on your opponents in this unique Magic format. New cards will aid you in your quest to rule the battlefield through might and mastery. Choose wisely, Planeswalker, for there are as many options as there are foes!
Hey guys and gals, we have the opportunity that many of you have wished for!! The date will be Sunday, June 19th2011. Please….if you are interested in playing here that day with this format I need you to let me know. Check out some of the details:
  • 100-card decks with 3 premium, oversized Commander cards.
  • 5 different three-colored decks to choose from.
  • NEW CARDS!: This is the first deck product in Magic’s history to ever contain exclusive new card content! There are a total of 51 brand new Magic cards available in the five Magic: The Gathering – Commander decks. Each deck comes with 15 of the new cards (uncommons appear in multiple decks).
  • MULTIPLAYER POWER: In addition to the new card content, theMagic: The Gathering – Commander decks will also include powerful multiplayer cards from throughout Magic’s history. Each deck comes with a minimum of 18 rares or mythic rares
This event (if we have enough interest) will be casual and will not affect your DCI score. Foil promo’s will be given to players who purchase a new Commander deck, but you may bring a deck of your own. Please let me know if you are interested in playing, and feel free to offer suggestions on how to make this a great afternoon of casual Magic!
Unfortunately, I won't be there. I'll be in Panama on vacation... but this is the kind of event that I would love to attend if I was going to be in the area that day. I'm hoping to see many more of these events in the future!
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