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I would be playing standard, but I don't have enough cards for a good deck or enough money to build one... and I'm not willing to trade good legacy cards for things that will be relatively useless in a year. But alas, I'm only playing drafts and fun games for the moment (except when I get to borrow a deck). I've had the luxury of drafting three times in the last three months, and two out of three of those have been pretty successful. This report describes the most recent, on June 3rd.

Draft Notes
The rare in my first pack was crap, so I picked a Mental Misstep to complete my playset. White and black seemed really good in the first pack. I picked an early Entomber Exarch and Geth's Verdict, as well as a Blinding Souleater and Remember the Fallen. Norn's Annex was my first pick in pack two, and black kept coming strong, but white dried up. I got most of my quality artifact creatures in pack two, although I passed some better green cards that I would have gotten if I had realized what would happen next. My 14th pick was between a Death-Hood Cobra and a land, so I took the cobra. In the third pack, I picked Spellskite first just because it was rare... but both black and white seemed to be lacking, but green was there, so I started picking green cards.

The Build
After feeling like I was floundering around with no clear goal even late in the third pack, I spread my cards out with just a hope and a prayer that I'd be able to pull out a few wins. I really struggled because I was going to be heavy black no matter what, but my most aggressive cards were green even though I had far fewer of them. I was just sure that this was going to be a wreck of a deck, but I ended up playing this:

9 Swamp
8 Forest
1 Plains

1 Blind Zealot
1 Entomber Exarch
1 Thundering Tanadon
1 Alloy Myr
1 Spellskite
1 Trespassing Souleater
2 Blinding Souleater
2 Sickleslicer
3 Mortis Dogs
3 Death-Hood Cobra

4 Geth's Verdict
Norn's Annex
1 Glissa's Scorn

Notable Sideboard Cards
3 Pith Driller

Match One
I played against a counter-heavy, threat-light blue green deck. He was able to stall me out, but multiple Geth's Verdicts kept his board pretty unimpressive for the majority of the game. The most interesting part of this game was that each of us had a copy of both Norn's Annex and Spellskite, and we sat right beside one another in the draft. How crazy is that? In any case, I made a silly error and stopped using equipment after he played his Spellskite, thinking that he would steal it with the redirection ability as soon as I tried to equip. I probably could have won the game much earlier, but I waited for my Glissa's Scorn to bait him into killing his own Spellskite before I equipped things and won game one. It was a really long game, and time was called too early in the second game for it to make a difference. 1-0 win, 1-0 overall

Match Two
Paired against the guy who had bragged earlier about all of the golems he had drafted, I knew this would be an uphill battle. Geth's Verdicts can only go so far when your opponent is getting more than one creature out of each of his cards. Game one was nasty. I tried to race a little with cobras, but he stabilized and won handily after my early rush fizzled. Game two I thought would be a little better for me, since I sided in Pith Drillers (-1/-1 kills the golem making guys and he's big enough to block the golems themselves without dying). Unfortunately, it wasn't. Every time I thought I had a good block, he had just the right combat trick to trade with me anyway. 0-2 loss, 1-1 overall

Match Three
My opponent in this match was running a blue black deck with a lot of flyers. In the first game, he got a little mana flooded and didn't play much. Near the end of the game, he pulled off a flurry of removal spells, but I had too much advantage at that point, and he died when I moved all of my equipment onto the Mortis Dogs just before they were sacrificed to his Parasitic Implant. I really didn't know what to expect second game since he had played so little in the first. His first play of game two was an Evil Presence, and I really underestimated him based on that play. He curved out after that with Hovermyr, Spined Thopter, and Impaler Shrike. The race was on! We traded beats and creatures until we were both down to less than five life, and I stuck Norn's Annex. Since he had so little life and no white mana, it stalled him long enough for me to pull out the win. 2-0 win, 2-1 overall

Match Four
My opponent, who was 3-0 at this point, had done quite well with his red white deck so far. Lots of quick beats followed up by plenty of burn and a good finisher in Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer was a pretty good combination. He was just too speedy for me to do much of anything in the first game, and I figured at that point that I was probably in for a 2-2 finish with no prize. In the second game, he got mana screwed... plenty of one color (red, I think) but still unable to play much. The third game was much more even, going back and forth for a while. Just as in my last match, life totals were both really low. Just as the board started to stall out, I played Trespassing Souleater, equipped him up, and happily paid two life to swing in for the win the next turn. 2-1 win, 3-1 overall

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