Junk in Progress, a Legacy Decklist

Junk, a collective name for green-black-white "good stuff" decks in Legacy, just happens to be fairly easy for me to build, since I have most of the essential cards already. The most expensive additions I'll need to make are the dual lands, but those hold (or increase) their value over time better than anything other than the power nine, so they aren't a bad investment. For now, I can continue using the Ravnica block shock-lands. They do the exact same thing... they just cost you a few life when you're playing them aggressively.

As of right now, this is the list I have built:

Lands (23)
Creatures (13)
Other (24)

Note: Yes, I know that I have white shock-lands but nothing to spend white mana on. As soon as I get some of the white cards I want, I'm putting them in, so I don't want to have to rebuild the mana base after a trade in the FLGS before I play a game. Also, my sideboard is built partly for convenience... I like to keep playsets together so I don't accidentally trade the third/fourth copy, so extras often get stuck in the sideboard even when they should be replaced altogether.

The first thing I want to change about this deck is to make it a more aggressive creature based strategy. As it stands, the deck is not as aggressive as I'd like it to be, and it is also not as consistent as I'd like it to be. Over time, I want to add the following cards:
With the lands, it is relatively easy to tell up front what will get replaced. When I start adding/removing creatures, things get a little more finicky. At some point, I want to incorporate each of the following in the deck, although the numbers are more than a little questionable at this point:
Troll Ascetics, some discard elements, Rancors, and perhaps the Llanowar Elves will all be removed in favor of these much more aggressive (and efficient) cards. Until then, I'm going to keep playing the same stupid stuff that I used to play in extended before I quit playing and the format rotated in my absence.

Now I just need somebody to hook me up with some cheap cards and more people to play against...
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