My Summer Disappearing Act

I wouldn't say that I post regularly, but I do manage at least one post a week... usually two. For those following, I'm about to disappear for a bit. I'll be on vacation in Panama, and there will be no gaming or blogging for the next few weeks. Outsyder Gaming will be up and running again in July!

When I return, I'm hoping to have time to implement some changes here on the site. Among them will be:
  • A new banner that incorporates more than just my Warhammer 40K obsession. I really like the banner as is, but it isn't really representative of the eclecticism of this blog. I'd like to get D&D, Rifts, and Magic: The Gathering in there somehow... I'm just not sure exactly how I'm going to accomplish that feat.
  • More Rifts material. 90% of my visitors who find me through search engines are looking for Rifts material, so I want to support them. I love the Rifts Megaverse... and even if I'm not actually playing in it at the moment, there's no reason I can't come up with some content for it. I actually have quite a few Rifts-related posts saved as drafts that I just never got around to finishing for some reason or another... they'll be the first to appear.
  • A major store update... Yeah, I know I just announced one a few weeks ago. But this time I'm going to make the jump and actually create an eBay store. eCrater, while I appreciate that it is free, just doesn't have the options that I want... and having run an eBay store in the past, I keep wanting to go back.
  • The last few posts of my Lessons from Randy Maxwell series. I hate that I haven't been as consistent in my writing as I intended.
  • A revisiting of several other "series" that I started but never finished.
So come back to visit in a few weeks! I think you'll like what you see!
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