Legacy Tournament at The Dugout in Hickory, NC

The Dugout, one of the local game shops in Hickory, North Carolina, will be hosting a legacy tournament for the Magic: The Gathering game on Saturday, August 13th at 1:00.

If you're an old Magic player who hasn't played in a while, this is the kind of tournament for you. There's no issue of being unable to play because you don't have the newest cards. Every set from Magic's long history is legal (except for Unglued and Unhinged), but unlike vintage (type one), the "Power Nine" and the game's other most unbalancing cards are outright banned rather than just being restricted.

For a list of banned cards and other details on the legacy format, click here.

Need to know how to get there? Last I checked, Google Maps was sending people down the street a bit, but here's a decent image of the place. It's on Catawba Valley Boulevard, right by the mall.

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8/3/2011 Update... Here's part of the message Tim sent out in the newsletter:
Ok folks…breaking news from the Dugout! On Saturday August 13 at 1:00pm, we will be hosting our very first MTG Legacy Tournament!! The entry fee will be $5.00 and there will be prize support. So come hang out with us on the 13th, play some Legacy, meet some new folks, and have a blast!
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