Lochlann's Laboratory: Larry, Dog Boy Psychic

Three dog boys who served Travis Lochlann helped him escape from Lone Star with his life after he took the fall for Desmond Bradford: Moses, Larry, and Jerome. Each of the three served Dr. Lochlann in a different capacity before his exile, and each fills a very different role in the lab now.

Larry is the oldest of the three dog boys who helped Dr. Lochlann flee. He has greater psychic powers than most of his peers, and is seen as the wisest of the three. When not in the presence of Lochlann, Larry and Moses often bicker over the correct course of action: wisdom vs. anger. Luckily for the trio, Larry is good at calming his temperamental partner down.

6th Level Dog Boy

Alignment: Scrupulous
Attributes of Note: ME 17, PP 16, Spd 20

Armor: 50 MDC (Heavy Dog Boy Riot Armor)
SDC: 34
Hp: 41

Attacks per Melee: 5 (Hand to Hand: Expert)
Combat Bonuses: +2 initiative, +4 strike, +5 parry, +5 dodge, +2 roll with impact, +4 pull punch, +4 disarm, critical strike on 18-20
Other Bonuses: +2 vs. disease, +5 perception, +2 vs possession and curses
Weapons: Vibro-sword (2d6 MD, +0 to strike), C-10 Light Laser Assault Rifle (2d6 MD, +3 to strike, 20 shots)

Psionics: Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, Empathy, Mind Block, Object Read, See the Invisible, Total Recall (Master Psychic, 75 I.S.P.)
Other Abilities: Sense Psychic and Magic Energy, Recognize Psychic Scent, Sense Supernatural Beings, Superior Sense of Smell, Keen Sense of Hearing, Good Sight, Sensitivity to Ley Line Energy, Mutation Abnormality (Great Psionic Power)
Skills of Note: WP Sword, WP Energy Pistol, WP Energy Rifle
Misc. Equipment:

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star

GM Notes: If one truly wanted to gain Dr. Lochlann's trust, Larry would be a very valuable ally to have. The doctor trusts him completely. Unfortunately, gaining Larry's trust is a feat all its own. He is, after all, older and wiser than the other two.

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