Lochlann's Laboratory: The Lone Star Renegades

Desmond Bradford
Several years ago, a rumor began to circulate Lone Star that there was an ultra secret laboratory that focused on human experiments, something strictly forbidden in the Coalition States. Rather than deny the rumor, Desmond Bradford (the administrator of Lone Star and the one responsible for the forbidden experiments) feigned rage, conducted his own investigation, and picked a scapegoat: Travis Lochlann. Blaming Lochlann was convenient but disappointing for Bradford. The young doctor had already expressed some curiosity about human experimentation, and had dissected the remains of several genetically modified human cadavers retrieved by dog boy squads in the surrounding area. This curiosity put Lochlann on Bradford’s radar as a potential co-conspirator, but he had to be sacrificed to keep the secret projects going.

Sacrificed is a bit of a misnomer, though, as Travis Lochlann still lives (despite Coalition reports to the contrary). With the help of a few dog boy companions who knew his innocence, he escaped execution and actually fled with some of the evidence that was used against him (copies of Bradford’s own genetic research credited to Lochlann instead). Eventually, after trying to lay low and avoid Coalition patrols for a time, Lochlann settled down in a small village and took the time to study the research that he reputedly conducted. He found it fascinating, spending the better part of the next two years analyzing the data, building his own secret lab, and conducting new experiments.
Unfortunately, Lochlann’s interest in human genetic engineering is no longer motivated by mere curiosity. When Lochlann became the scapegoat Bradford needed to quell the rumors, he was branded a traitor. His wife, a loyal citizen of the Coalition States, turned against him. His children, too young to understand their father’s arguments, believed their teachers and their mother. Friends abandoned him. The only beings who showed him any loyalty at all were the three dog boys who had been assigned as his assistants and bodyguards. Everyone else bought Bradford’s story, and Lochlann wants revenge.

To this end, he has decided to create his own army of super soldiers to wreak havoc on the Coalition States. He began by kidnapping Coalition soldiers and experimenting on them, killing all of them afterwards but taking detailed notes on those that showed promise of superhuman abilities. Eventually, he decided that this process was too risky, so he began kidnapping passing adventurers, focusing on those that seemed less physically intimidating (scholars and adventurers). This too became too risky, as a few of these experiments proved resourceful enough to escape.

Then, somehow, the Black Market got word of Lochlann’s experiments, and he was finally able to secure the resources he needed. Although very wary at first, the two struck a deal after long and heated negotiations: Lochlann would provide augmentation for select Black Market operatives and they would provide Lochlann with both test subjects and security. The deal is limited, however. The Black Market still isn’t sure where Lochlann’s facility is located, and only one cell of the Black Market even knows of Lochlann’s existence.

Stay tuned for lots more material related to this post. Stats for Dr. Travis Lochlann, his dog boy assistants, some of his experiments, some black market operatives, and some who are out to disrupt his plans are all coming soon. If enough people like this, I'll go into a lot more detail... so tell me what you think!

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