Lochlann's Laboratory: Moses, Dog Boy Bodyguard

R.UE.259Three dog boys who served Travis Lochlann helped him escape from Lone Star with his life after he took the fall for Desmond Bradford: Moses, Larry, and Jerome. Each of the three served Dr. Lochlann in a different capacity before his exile, and each fills a very different role in the lab now.

Of the three dog boys who helped Travis Lochlann flee, Moses looks the toughest and has the most foul temper. He considers himself the leader of the others, although they only grudgingly follow his orders unless they know they came directly from Dr. Lochlann. Moses is in charge of security and any mercenaries that Dr. Lochlann hires. Whenever there appears to be a threat to the laboratory, Moses usually leads whatever group goes out to eliminate said threat.

5th Level Dog Boy

Alignment: Anarchist
Attributes of Note: PS 19, PP 16, Spd 20

Armor: 80 MDC (DPM D1 Dog Boy Armor, modified dead boy armor)
SDC: 72
Hp: 44

Attacks per Melee: 7 (Hand to Hand: Expert, Boxing, Mutation)
Combat Bonuses: +2 initiative, +3 strike, +6 parry, +7 dodge, +3 roll with impact, +4 melee damage, +5 pull punch, +4 disarm
Other Bonuses: +6 save vs. horror factor, +2 vs. disease, +5 perception, +2 vs possession and curses
Weapons: Vibro-sword (3d6+4 MD, +6 to strike), C-12 Laser Assault Rifle (2d6 MD or 4d6 MD or 6d6 SDC, +2 to strike, 20 shots)

Psionics: Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, Empathy, +1 sensitive, (Master Psychic, 46 I.S.P.)
Other Abilities: Sense Psychic and Magic Energy, Recognize Psychic Scent, Sense Supernatural Beings, Superior Sense of Smell, Keen Sense of Hearing, Good Sight, Sensitivity to Ley Line Energy, Mutation Abnormality (Super-predator!)
Skills of Note: Boxing, Fencing, WP Sword, WP Energy Pistol, WP Energy Rifle
Misc. Equipment:

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star

GM Notes: Moses is the most aggressive of the three dog boys serving Dr. Lochlann, and is the easiest to trick. Clever PCs should be able to use his quick temper to manipulate him.

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