Ross Douglass, M.D.

Wanted on several planets of the Consortium of Civilized Worlds for unethical practices in the medical profession, Ross Douglass (a human name that he began using after dodging his last trial) is an unassuming, likable fellow who is quick to come to the aid of others in an emergency and even quicker to exploit their gratitude after his heroism is established. Ross has made a living from using his considerable psychic powers to manipulate people into believing that he is the only one in the universe capable of healing their illnesses.

Ironically, Ross is an excellent medical doctor, and when business is good he is perfectly content tending to the needs of whatever community is supporting him. However, Ross suffers from extreme narcissism and an unusually strong need for attention. Whenever the people in his community aren't hurt or sick (in other words, when he feels that he isn't needed), he seeks out situations in which he can drive people into his doctor's office. One of his favorite ploys is using Psychosomatic Disease (RUE p182) to trick others into believing that they are ill, then giving them placebo drugs to "cure" them as his psychic influence fades and their conditions improve.

Ross could show up anywhere Noro are welcome and the CCW doesn't have enough influence to arrest him. He typically latches onto a well-liked person or family that has come upon hard times, doing whatever it takes to help and asking for little in return (but graciously taking all that is offered). It doesn't usually take long for him to earn the trust of the community, and he is a genuinely helpful citizen as long as he stays busy enough to feel needed.

Although there are many in the CCW who would like to see him arrested, Ross isn't exactly on the most wanted list. His crimes don't actually harm anyone permanently, so few other than those who have been inconvenienced by his shenanigans would put forth any real effort to track him down. He just isn't considered dangerous, unlike the high profile criminals that the CCW spends most of its time chasing. What's worse for anyone trying to track him down, the communities in which he lives see him as a hero, so while he may not be much of a fighter himself, there are usually many innocent people who would lay down their lives for him if necessary. After all, he "saved" their lives, so don't they owe it to him?

Noro Psychic R.C.C.
Level: 2+
Alignment: Anarchist
Notable Skills: First Aid, Medical Doctor
Notable Powers: Psychic Diagnosis, Psychic Surgery, Psychosomatic Disease
Notable Equipment: Medical tools and a personal firearm, plus whatever has been given to him in return for his services in his current residence

Adventure Hooks:

  • Ross uses psychosomatic disease on a PC and is discovered, but the whole community comes to his defense when he is accused of being crooked (or seeks to avenge his death if his target got overzealous).
  • The PCs meet and befriend Ross, only to find out later on that he is manipulating the local population when "business" is slow.
  • Ross hires the PCs to help him escape a community in which his antics have been exposed (although his story is that he has been wrongly accused).
  • The PCs are hired by one of his previous victims to track Ross down, only to find him practicing legitimately in a hazardous locale.
  • Ross is feeling genuinely guilty for his past crimes and decides that joining up with folks in dangerous professions (the PCs) will keep him busy without having to create his own calamities. Unfortunately, his past catches up with him, and now the PCs need to decide whether to hand him over or fight for his freedom.

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