Rifts Errata

I've never bothered much with errata. I just hate having to justify it to other players. "Yeah, I know the book says that, but the company that wrote the book says that it doesn't actually work that way anymore." Blegh. Seeing the looks on peoples' faces when you try to say that is just terrible. However, it is no big secret that Palladium Books products suffer from some internal consistency issues. If you're like me and you encounter these issues, you just pick whichever contradictory or ambiguous rules make the most sense and you go with it. No harm done... on with the game! But for those of you who need the official fixes (or just want something official to clear up a rules argument you're having between you and another player at your table), you can find all of the official errata for the Rifts megaverse by clicking the following link:

http://www.palladiumbooks.com/index.php/resources/the-cutting-room-floor (just scroll down a bit)

Rifts rules lawyers rejoice!
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