Ty Hawkins, Slacker Extraordinaire

Ty Hawkins is a classic slacker, fairly intelligent and talented but without the work ethic to be as good at anything as his parents (or anyone else) expected of him. Even though he barely graduated from high school and dropped out of the local community college, he has managed to build a relatively stable income through various online means. These have ranged from respectable stock trading to shady pyramid schemes. If you can do it online, he's probably tried to make money at it... and he usually succeeds, though his successes are always shortsighted enough that he is in need of a new business plan within six months.

Ty rents a studio apartment in New York City, in a neighborhood that isn't scary itself, but is close enough to a rough neighborhood that he started taking a self-defense course and learned how to use a gun. He likes it there, and despite family members far away who have begged him to move home for years, he doesn't plan on leaving any time soon. Ty is satisfied with life right now, and he believes that he has everything he needs: a bed, a bathroom, an internet connection, and enough attractive women in his building to keep him "distracted."

Ty Hawkins (Fast Hero 1): CR 1; Medium humanoid (human); HD 1d8+2; hp 10; Mas 14; Init +2; Spd 6; Defense 15 (+3 class), touch 15, flat-footed 13; BAB +0; Grap +0; Atk +0 melee (1d4, ) or +0 ranged (2d6, ); AL good, business; Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +0; AP ; Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 13
Occupation: Entrepreneur (Knowledge: Business, Knowledge: Technology)
Skills: Computer Use +3 (2 ranks), Gather Information +3 (2 ranks), Knowledge: Business +5 (4 ranks), Knowledge: Technology +5 (4 ranks), Profession: Entrepreneur +4 (4 ranks), Search +2 (1 rank), Spot +1 (1 rank)
Feats: Defensive Martial Arts, Personal Firearms Proficiency
Talents: Evasion
Possessions (Wealth +2): aluminum travel case (75 lb. capacity), binoculars, camera (digital), cell phone, chemical light sticks (5), clothing (business), clothing (casual), coat, computer (notebook), duct tape, first aid kit, flashlight (battery flood), flashlight (pen-light), flashlight (standard), holster (concealed carry), map (road atlas), multipurpose tool, portable video camera, universal communicator, windbreaker
Action Points: 5
Reputation: +1
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