Update: One Heck of a Week

The last seven days have been CRAZY... flying back in from Panama, spending time with my family for the 4th, trying to get somebody to come fix the siding and roof of my house after the last big storm, trying to get somebody to come fix my air conditioner, and scrubbing out of a Magic tournament... I've been pretty busy and I haven't gotten to work on the blog as much as I would have liked.

Luckily, game night is on this week, finally... first time in what seems like forever. So at least I'll have some time to scratch the gaming itch. This week will be Warhammer 40K, which we haven't played in far too long. It looks like it will be a three-way match: Eldar vs Space Marines vs Orks... probably 1000 points per side.

(Still) Coming Soon at Outsyder Gaming:

  • New store
  • New banner
  • More Rifts material
  • Lessons from Randy Maxwell series
  • Revisiting of several other unfinished series
  • Magic 2012 musings
  • 40K battle report for this week's game night
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