Lochlann's Laboratory: Darla, D-Bee Experiment with Amnesia

R.WB.30.071Though he conducted numerous tests on D-bees in his days as a Lone Star researcher, the only time Dr. Lochlann has experimented on one since his exile has been with the creature known as Darla. From where she came, even she doesn't know, but at some point she found herself on the run, at Dr. Lochlann's doorstep, begging for protection from mercenaries. Dr. Lochlann refused to protect her, but offered her the means to protect herself (if the experiment worked). She accepted, but an unforeseen side effect of the experiment was complete memory loss. Since she told Lochlann so little when she arrived, he was little help except to tell her that she was on the run from someone. She left Lochlann for a time, eventually confronting those who wanted her killed and defeating them. With no past to cling to and no present danger, she decided to return to Lochlann's laboratory and has remained there willingly ever since. She has no idea where she came from, but she knows that Lochlann's experiment saved her life. With nowhere else to turn, she has found it a relatively comfortable place to reside.

3rd Level Female D'Norr Devilman Vagabond

Alignment: Unprincipled

MDC: 90 (150 in plasma form)

Attacks per Melee: 4 (Hand to Hand: Basic)
Combat Bonuses: +2 parry, +2 dodge, +2 roll with impact, +2 pull punch
Other Bonuses: +4 perception, +1 vs mind control, +1 vs illusions, +3 vs mind control
Attacks: Plasma Bolt (1d6x10+6 MD, +2 to strike, 260 ft range)

Other Abilities: Alter Physical Structure: Plasma (Heroes Unlimited p248*), Extraordinary Physical Endurance (Rifts Conversion Book p44), Immune to Magic (Powers Unlimited p31)

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star, Heroes Unlimited, Powers Unlimited

GM Notes: Darla is a lost soul with nowhere to go. If one of the PCs is a D'norr Devilman or they mention knowing others of her race, she will likely want to travel with them for a time. She is loyal to Lochlann and will defend him, but doesn't possess the zeal that he has for destroying Lone Star or the Coalition States.

*Converted all SDC values to MDC, following the pattern established in Rifts Conversion Book One

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