Lochlann's Laboratory: Dr. Travis Lochlann

Travis Lochlann began his life as the son of a mechanic in the Chi-Town Burbs. His grandfather had applied for citizenship but it was not granted within his lifetime. Travis and his father, however, were accepted when Travis was a teenager, and they moved into the city itself immediately. Travis joined the Coalition military when he was old enough and was selected to be trained as a scientist. He fell in love with the daughter of an officer, married her, moved to Lone Star to conduct genetic engineering research, and believed he had the perfect life… until Bradford’s lies led to Lochlann losing everything he held dear.

Although his genetic engineering projects are far from stable and always a little risky, Lochlann couldn’t resist the temptation to experiment on himself. After all, the world seemed aligned against him and he needed every edge he could get, and furthermore, what superhuman in his right mind would follow a normal human to war against the Coalition States?

Lochlann was once light-hearted, with a contagious smile and quick wit. The light-heartedness has been replaced by cynicism and that smile rarely surfaces anymore. His wit is still there, though it is much more biting than playful. His once-dark hair has become peppered, and is nearly gray on the sides. He constantly fears for his life, and even though most in the Coalition have written him off as dead, he still believes that they are out to get him. Despite his near immunity to common weapons (thanks to his self-experimentation) he is rarely seen without body armor and bodyguards, and he fiercely guards the secrecy of his identity and of his laboratory’s whereabouts. His efficiency as a scientist has increased exponentially through his self-experimentation as well, as his mental attributes have increased and he can concentrate on multiple projects at once in ways that would surprise even the most talented multi-tasker.

Dr. Travis Lochlann

11th level superhuman Rogue Scientist

Alignment: Aberrant
Attributes of Note: IQ 19, ME 29, MA 26

Armor: 45 MDC (Huntsman)
MDC: 700, Regenerates 1d6x10 MDC/minute (4 melee rounds)

Attacks per Melee: 6 (Hand to Hand: Basic)
Combat Bonuses: +2 damage, +3 dodge, +3 parry, +4 pull punch, +4 roll with impact, +1 strike
Other Bonuses: +7 save vs. horror factor, +6 save vs. possession, +6 save vs. mind altering magic/drugs, +1 save vs. illusions
Weapons: NG-57 Heavy-Duty Ion Blaster (2d4 or 3d6 MD, 10 shots, +6 to strike)

Other Abilities: Extraordinary Mental Affinity (Heroes Unlimited p231), Extraordinary Mental Endurance (Heroes Unlimited p231), Invulnerability (Rifts Conversion Book p47), Multi-Tasking (Powers Unlimited p36)
Skills of Note: Biology 85%, Chemistry 85%, Chemistry (Analytical) 80%, WP Energy Pistol

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts Conversion Book, Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star, Powers Unlimited

GM Notes: Although tough to kill because of his invulnerability super power, Lochlann isn’t particularly dangerous in a fight. What makes him deadly is his ability to surround himself with fanatically loyal followers who will fight to the death to protect him. Lochlann was a military scientist, not a soldier, and although he is nearly invulnerable to weapons, he is not battle-tested.  In a threatening situation, Lochlann will begin looking for an opportunity to flee as soon as his armor takes any significant damage.

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