Lochlann's Laboratory: Jerome, Dog Boy Experiment

R.UE.259Three dog boys who served Travis Lochlann helped him escape from Lone Star with his life after he took the fall for Desmond Bradford: Moses, Larry, and Jerome. Each of the three served Dr. Lochlann in a different capacity before his exile, and each fills a very different role in the lab now.

Jerome is the youngest of Dr. Lochlann's dog boys, and has shown his youthful curiosity by taking it upon himself to join the doctor in some of his research, as well as volunteering as a test subject. Due to the experiments Dr. Lochlann performed, Jerome can now shoot electricity from his fingertips, is extremely resistant to energy attacks of any sort, and has transformed into a mega damage being. What might be the most interesting of his new abilities, however, is his ability to walk in front of a camera and his image not show up on the film. Although it hasn't been fully tested, Jerome and Dr. Lochlann have speculated that he is probably invisible to technological sensors and cameras of all sorts.

2nd Level Dog Boy Rogue Scientist

Alignment: Unprincipled
Attributes of Note: IQ 19, PP 16, Spd 23

Armor: 50 MDC (Heavy Dog Boy Riot Armor)
MDC: 70

Attacks per Melee: 4 (Hand to Hand: Basic)
Combat Bonuses: +2 initiative, +1 strike, +1 parry, +1 dodge, +0 roll with impact, +2 pull punch, +2 disarm
Other Bonuses: +2 vs. disease, +5 perception, +2 vs possession and curses
Weapons: Vibro-sword (2d6 MD, +6 to strike), Electric Energy Expulsion (3d6 MD, +5 to strike)

Psionics: Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, Empathy, Speed Reading (Master Psychic, 52 I.S.P.)
Other Abilities: Sense Psychic and Magic Energy, Recognize Psychic Scent, Sense Supernatural Beings, Superior Sense of Smell, Keen Sense of Hearing, Good Sight, Sensitivity to Ley Line Energy, Energy Resistance (Heroes Unlimited p231), Energy Expulsion: Electricity (Heroes Unlimited p230), Extraordinary Physical Endurance (Rifts Conversion Book p44), Cloaking (Heroes Unlimited p256)
Skills of Note: WP Sword, WP Energy Rifle
Misc. Equipment:

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star, Rifts Conversion Book, Heroes Unlimited

GM Notes: Jerome is Dr. Lochlann's pride and joy: a prodigy of sorts among dog boys. Lochlann looks upon him almost the same way he would look upon his son, and is quite protective of him. The two are almost inseparable.

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