Lochlann's Laboratory: Shemp, Lochlann's Failed Experiment

HU2.114Although Dr. Lochlann has never been able to predict exactly what changes will befall his experiments, very few of his experiments have been disastrous. Unfortunately for Shemp, he was one of these disasters. Kidnapped from a group of adventures who barely survived a freak rift storm nearby, Shemp was tested without his consent, and the experiment broke his mind while it strengthened his body. 

Horribly disfigured yet strong as an ox, he has the mind of a toddler, always seeking positive attention and adoration from "dad" (Dr. Lochlann). Shemp is great at moving heavy loads and bashing things that dad doesn't like, but he can be a bit of a liability at times. A toddler throwing a tantrum can be quite terrifying when the "toddler" is a hulking monster of a man!

1st Level Super-Human Vagabond

Alignment: Unprincipled
Attributes of Note: IQ 3, PS 42 (supernatural)

MDC: 770, regenerates 1d6x10 MDC per minute

Attacks per Melee: 4 (Hand to Hand: Basic)
Combat Bonuses: +2 roll with impact, +2 pull punch
Attacks: Restrained Punch 1d6x10 SDC, Full Strength Punch 6d6 MD, Power Punch 2d4x10 MD (counts as two attacks)

Other Abilities: Invulnerability (Rifts Conversion Book p47), Supernatural Strength (Heroes Unlimited p293), Giant (Powers Unlimited p28*)

Sources: Rifts Ultimate Edition, Rifts World Book 13: Lone Star, Rifts Conversion Book, Heroes Unlimited, Powers Unlimited

GM Notes: Shemp looks like a monster, but he is quite innocent. He has a tendency to bash things that he doesn't like and whine for attention when he is bored... just like a typical toddler would do. He has adopted Dr. Lochlann as his father and Darla as his mother, even though neither are particularly fond of him. 

*Converted SDC bonus to MDC bonus and dropped the AR

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