Midweek Metapost

To be honest, my brain isn't firing on all cylinders at the moment, so trying to explain this will probably not come out as eloquently as I'd like. So be it. I hope you'll accept my apology ahead of time.

I was on a good streak for the better part of July and the first part of August, writing 4-5 posts per week. That pace is slowing down as school starts back, and my gaming will drop off as well. I miss writing and I miss gaming... already... so I'm going to start sharing my random musings a little more than usual. If I'm not gaming, I won't have regular battle reports or tournament reports to share, so why not my personal thoughts? Who knows? I might just stir up some controversy.

No controversy today, though... just a little blog post about blogging.

I read a lot of other blogs, and on a regular basis, the best blog posts I've read have fallen into three categories:
  • Review or preview of a product I find interesting
  • Insight into a game or a playing style
  • Personal accounts of peoples' lives who share interests with me
I do the first two quite often, but I rarely ever share anything about myself on here. I do talk about the games, and I talk about my gaming crew a little, and I give my opinions about various games on a regular basis... but I just don't talk about me. That might be a plus... maybe people don't want to know about me. Maybe they just want to read about games and they don't care about the person behind the writing. 

But I don't think that's the case most of the time. I'm convinced that most returning readers come back because of the connection with the author. Write a technical manual, and people will only read the manual when they need the information within... build a relationship with your readers and they'll come back for the relationship.

I wouldn't say that Outsyder Gaming is a technical manual... but I wonder what direction this thing might take if I opened up a little more and actually shared a bit of myself here. I aim to do that more in the future. NPC spotlights and tournament reports are cool... but does anybody really know me

Expect that to change...
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