Painting Rifts Miniatures, Part Two

I haven't had much time to keep this project going, but I did do a little work on the line walker over the weekend. The last pic I posted was just the base coated version, more to share what the model looked like than anything else. Here's some actual progress I've made:
I need lots of touch up work around the face, and the skin is a little too yellowish for my tastes.

Basically, this is just the base coat, blues for the clothing, browns for the boots and gloves, some paint on the face, followed by a blue wash on the clothes and a black wash on the gloves/boots. Obviously, we're not going for Golden Demon quality here... not that I could achieve that level of quality with my current artistic skills anyway.

I still haven't worked on the Coalition SAMAS, but he'll be next when I get the line walker finished.
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