Warp Spider Phoenix Lord

Yeah, I know... terrible paint job...
I haven't actually used warp spiders in forever,
and I never got around to finishing them.
For some odd reason, the warp spiders got shafted when it came to distributing phoenix lords. If I had my way, they would get stats as follows:

Warp Spider Phoenix Lord (215 points)

Stats: Same as all other phoenix lords.

Unit Type: Jump Infantry

Wargear: Enchanted Death Spinner, Powerblades, Warp Jump Generator

Special Rules: Independent Character, Fleet of Foot, Fearless, Eternal Warrior, Disciples, Withdraw, Warp Jump Navigator

Enchanted Death Spinner: This weapon has seen so many trips through the warp that it has taken on mystical properties and is much more powerful than its more common counterparts. This death spinner is AP 2 and Assault 4.

Warp Jump Navigator: All warp spiders are adept at traversing the warp, but the phoenix lord is especially skilled at doing so safely. When this phoenix lord or a model in a unit he has joined would be removed as a result of rolling doubles for a warp jump generator move, roll a D6. On a result of 4+, the model is not removed.

I also want to add a note that taking this guy allows you to take one unit of warp spiders as a troop choice, but since none of the other phoenix lords have the ability, I'm leaving it out. Considering how many HQ choices printed in the 5th edition era have similar "may take X as troops" abilities, I'm assuming the next Eldar update will include this for phoenix lords. Until then...

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